Tuesday, January 17, 2012

This. Is. AWESOME!

Tonight we sit on South Padre Island, boondocking at the beach, warm and cozy in the bus, with the Beverly Hillbillies on the TV, ice cream, with a fog outside like nothing this Colorado girl has ever experienced. It's the most amazing experience. We enjoyed a day at the beach, with a light breeze.

Around 5pm the breeze died down and a fog came up almost instantly. As it got dark it became almost eery outside. The twins went for a walk with the camera. This is the type of experience that the twins are most seeking in our travels, as they spend hours writing their fantasy and science fiction novels.

If you haven't had an opportunity to see it yet, we now have a "reality" show. Self-produced, of course. Here is our first episode:

Next, here is a recap of the week so far:

Thursday we left San Antonio after spending the day at Aamco. Literally. Just sat there all day. We had paid them to reassemble the transmission to the minivan, because we made arrangements for a salvage place down there to take it, and they paid more when the transmission was in. We told the shop what our timeline was, but they drug their feet and we simply had to get that title transferred and be on our way to Mission, so we told them we were going to park our bus outside the shop and wait.

And we did.

And so they fixed it. By that afternoon, we transferred the title and ran off to our destination, a little RV park outside of Edinburg, TX.

The next two days we played for an RV show in Mercedes. Great time!
Sean was in big gadget heaven. No worries though. None of them compared to our Benny. They're just big, shiny things with no unique character. Most probably don't even have a name.

Mary did her crafts, then she ran around passing out business cards to everyone. She caught the eye of a little boy, and after the last snow they bought a CD and he got her to sign it. As they were leaving we heard him exclaim in glee to his parents, "I got her autograph!" She got fan mail from another little boy this week, too. Something about that toothless grin...

These pretty ladies have shined on stage down here.

We told the people at the little RV park what we were up to, and the buzz got going, until we arranged a nice little program for them on Monday.

That brings us to day, on the beach. We have a showcase Thursday, and we hope to grab more shows for next year, then we'll head... not sure. It's true. We're flying by the seat of our pants right now. I always thought I preferred to have our details worked out to feel secure, but so far we seem to be managing to make playing opportunities as we go. If the money runs out and we have to settle someplace for a time, that's ok. Right now we are making memories to last a lifetime.

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  1. Fantastic!!! Just keep those memories coming!!

    I thoroughly enjoyed the video :)