Sunday, February 19, 2012

Not even one picture...

Can you believe we zipped up to Colorado, played at a great bluegrass festival, and I didn't take even one picture of the whole weekend? I'm a photographic documenting failure.

It was a crazy week, and if I never see that much mud, cold, mud, snow, and mud again, it will be too soon. We had a terrible time finding a place to park the bus because of that mud. We couldn't park it in Grandma and Papa's yard unless we wanted a repeat of Dumas, so we called around, only to find out that Colorado, in the middle of winter, has outrageously priced camping prices everywhere. The first night we thought we'd get a deal at the state park, but they charged $24 a night for an isolated spot with no nearby bathrooms or showers, plus a $7/vehicle/day pass, so the bus and our large van (which we can use here in Colorado), would cost us $38 per night to freeze in a muddy, isolated location.

Then we went to a fairgrounds for $20/night, but it was a mud pit (mud seems to be a reoccurring theme in my life anymore), and it was behind the grounds, very isolated, and we were simply afraid to leave the bus there unattended, so after 2 nights there, we left.

So, we went to plan B on the 4th night. We surveyed Grandma and Papa's yard to see how far we could pull it into their property before it got stuck. We got the back tires in, but the nose stuck outside of the gate. We drained the pipes, then crammed into the house, which was turned upside down while they frantically try to move 45 years of stuff out so my sister can purchase the property. Oh, how I was wondering why I was there and not in Arizona still. We had offers. We could have stayed at played and more parks, saved the diesel money and kept out of the cold and mud. However we were very honored to be asked to play at the festival and I may be a wimp for cold, but I'm not stupid enough to pass up such an opportunity!

We did very much enjoy the festival, and that is the one thing that I truly cannot believe I failed where pictures are concerned. I will ask around and scour the internet for some pictures, which are bound to pop up eventually. I saw a lot of people with cameras.

So... here I sit, back in Texas, the north this time. We have nothing on the schedule this week, so we planted ourselves at an RV resort outside of Fort Worth to clean the mud off the bus yet again, remind the kids what a school book looks like, and get in some relaxation. February, up to this point, was nothing but travel and rush, cold, oh, and mud. So help me, outside of an emergency or command from God, I will not be returning to Colorado during the winter in this bus again. We are booked in Texas next year and I'd really like to make that a habit.

I do have a few pictures around the mud trip I will share.

Mary decided she simply had to have a pink dress for Valentine's Day, so we stopped off at one in Arizona, and she used her own money to pick one out!

Arizona completely fascinates me. We tried to figure out how to make it back there next winter, but so far it's looking like we cannot justify the trip, which is sad, because I just love how you can go through 4 different seasons in one state, in one afternoon. I took all of these from the bus window as we drove.
I think it was something like 70 degrees when we were driving through the above area. Start climbing up the mountains and you get...

Yes, that's snow. Should have been my first sign to turn back, and yet we plugged on to the high plains.

The sudden change in look was sometimes surprising, especially if you dozed off for a bit. You'd wake up in a very different land.
One look away and the color of the dirt changed, too.

I'm trying to remember who this guy is. I think we saw him in our old hometown last fall. When I passed by him near, I think it was Lamar, CO, I was really surprised. Perhaps it was someone different. Could he really only be as far as Lamar at this point? Here I thought the bus was slow. I guess horses aren't into zooming down highways.

The day after the festival we stopped off at Pickin' on Tennyson to see Molly's puppies. Molly is Suzie and Gary Solomon's dachshund. They were so cute, and no, we did not leave with one!

Although it was a chilly day here in northern Texas, it was adequate to be outside in a sweatshirt. Mary bundled up just a bit and headed out with her pink ukulele, where she sang for a good 30-40 minutes non-stop, the same song, over and over again, complete with strumming. I am very glad I had Sean at least tune the ukulele first. Her siblings were off getting some schoolwork done so she finally had a chance to sing out loud without the older three hushing her!

We also appear to have picked up some temporary pets. These ducks came to visit and hung out for a time under our bus. They are very tame and would come right up to the kids.

Words cannot express how good it feels to be back on the road, however. I just don't know if we're still in that honeymoon period of long travels, but unless it wears thing at some point, I think I'll find the lifestyle completely addictive! The kids are thriving, Michael and I are smiling, and we simply enjoy the newness of each adventure. We'll trust God along the way to send us where He wants us, and when it's time to stop, no doubt we'll land right where we're supposed to be.

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  1. LOL about all the mud, Cheryl, only because I am not in it! I *love* the pic of Mary with her ukelele. Isaac saw some at the local music store and said he wants to be a "tiny guitar player." :-D And, I can't tell you how much I wish my girls still wanted to wear pink dresses for Valentine's Day.