Monday, February 13, 2012

Webisodes and Left Turns

Oh, before I forget... (Why I forget such things is beyond me. It's my bread and butter. I better get with the program.) Our new CD is OUT!!! You can buy it from the link on the front of the web site. Samples are up, too. The first 10 are from the new CD, Hourglass.

In travel news, we're in Albuquerque, and yes, we won't forget to make that left turn first thing in the morning. We're trying to race the snow (Booo!) back to Denver, as we head back for the Mid-Winter Bluegrass Festival! (Yaaaaay!)

It's been a long, boring day. We went from the beautiful dessert sun of Phoenix with stunning saguaros going up the side of hills, to snow and pine trees in Flagstaff, then to the high plains as we headed towards Gallup, all within a matter of half a day. It was climatically and geographically rather confusing. So now here we sit fighting over the last of the thin mints, in a cute park that is too dark to really appreciate.

In other news, we found out one of Mary's donated ponies has a magnet in its foot. I'm sure you were dying to know this.

Ok. I think I better quit while I'm behind and just get on with the video log's second webisode. Tada.

We leave first thing in the morning for the next 450 miles of our trip. Ugh.

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