Tuesday, March 20, 2012

USS Lexington and Goodbye to South Texas

We are back near San Antonio again in the land of terrible internet, but I was patient, and finally got some photos uploaded. We had such a fantastic time visiting! Shady Oaks RV park was one of the nicest parks we've visited. We ended up staying all week there, minus a short trip out to play for a senior dinner at Portland's First Baptist Church.

In Portland, we met some kind people and had a great dinner with stuffed potatoes and pie. After a great show they were kind enough to give us these beautiful hand-made crosses.
The picture does not do them justice. They are made out of old costume jewelry so they actually sparkle in a way you can't make a blog photo sparkle. The twins want to make some if they can collect some old costume jewelry and other items on our travels. They'd like to sell some for some side money. Crosses, but also perhaps other decorative shapes.

That Sunday we were the special music guests at the Trinity Church and Worship Center in Rockport, a church we have been blessed to visit the past two years and where we've made some dear friends.

There are a gaggle of girls in the church, including another set of identical twins. Our twins enjoy themselves immensely whenever we have a chance to visit with so many like-minded other young women. We were treated to lunch, then a nice evening of fellowship, playing games, and discussing just about everything under the sun.
We had planned to visit the beach one more day before leaving the South Texas region, but we were reminded it was Spring Break, and you won't get me within 10 feet of those beaches on Spring Break, so we had an impulsive moment and went to see the USS Lexington Air Craft Carrier! Here are some of the pictures we took, with only the occasional side comment. The photos speak for themselves, and you can probably guess that we had a great time.

Yes, the first several photos are mostly of our boy-child. He was simply in Lexington big gadget heaven and they seemed to be ok with kids messing with just about everything. He also cannot take a picture these days without drama.

Must climb on everything...

Don't look at the lettering printed on the nose, please. I didn't notice it at the time and the picture was just too funny.

Do you think Benny is at all jealous that he was steering a bigger rig?

Not to neglect those pretty girls, here are a few more.
Little girl. Very big gun. :)

And more girls with impressive looking fire power.

I know you can't see them, but "Benny's at the Jets".
Finally, I leave you with a couple people in Walmart, who, on a dare, finally had the guts to wear their pajamas inside!
What do you expect when you pull up to a WalMart and end up staying the night? Wallydocking is the best.

I have high hopes that this next week will be incredibly boring, so if you don't get any updates, that's why!


  1. Costume jewellery crosses etc sound like a great way of making a little extra cash. Even without the sparkle, they look great.

    The Lexington seemed to be a whole load of fun.

  2. Great pics! Looks like a blast. I had to read the print on the photo, of course. Hilarious! And the pajamas-in-Walmart photo rock. So fun!