Thursday, March 1, 2012

Yes, this is where it happens.

It was beautiful outside tonight. The weather was perfect, just at dusk, when we stepped outside to get some practicing done. As we played the sun set and the stars came out. Bluegrass music, family, and nature, all under God's beautiful Heavens.

The atmosphere made me think of this little picture that has been going around facebook. When we got in the bus and I was serving up the pork roast that had been cooking in the crock pot, I asked Michael and the kids if they felt it too. Those actually paying attention mentioned they did.

It may have just been one little moment, but it is one we wouldn't have ever seen if we'd have stayed in our comfort zone, but last year we blew it to smithereens. You know what? That's where the magic really does happen. That is where you get the chance to see God's hand at work. I never noticed it in my comfort zone. I was too busy fighting for security and all the "stuff" that made me feel secure. Not that I have any expectations that I have met a life of luxury at this point because I stepped out into the unknown, (be real - I live in a bus, have no car, little savings, and we need that expensive thing called diesel to get anywhere to make money), but I'm awake now to things I'd have never noticed a year ago. It may not last, or this could go on for years. Either way, we now know. There are no more "what if's", and we will never sit back someday and wonder.

Yesterday was our 2nd month anniversary on the road. Guess what? We are still alive, we're eating just fine, and aren't living in a cardboard box just yet. I think I can consider them quite successful!

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  1. Two months! Already! Wow.

    Here's to many more :)