Thursday, April 5, 2012

Dear Diary

I have blogged on and off for years and the part I like the least is having to name any given post. Can I just do like I would as a kid years ago when I had a neglected diary and start it with "Dear Diary"?

Dear Diary,

We have had such fun over the last week. We left Medina Lake and went to the home of Kathy Jo, Ernie, and the boys, to stay the night. We enjoyed it so much that we ended up staying a week. The bus was kind enough to be in need of some unexpected and immediate repairs, things that we would have had a lot of trouble accomplishing without the aid of tools. First our toilet broke, then with the heat we realized we needed to paint the roof, but we did not have a ladder, and they did. Of course, we wanted the roof painted because it was very hot and we could not run the air conditioners on their property, but we also could have just packed up and headed towards the next RV park to plug the bus in and cool off. It was more fun to have an excuse to stick around, and they indulged our neediness with some fine hospitality.

The conversations over the last week were what I think I really needed. I have had nothing but surface conversations for so long, I had forgotten how to dive deeply into a subject. That's probably a negative side-effect of all of this travel. The first night we were there we stayed awake chatting until 4am.

Did you know Kathy Jo makes hot cocoa with eggs every morning for breakfast? Milk, cocoa powder, stevia, and eggs. Brilliant.

Daytime had children running everywhere at times and doing farm chores in between, from feeding Frank the pig, to raking mulch. Sean obsessed over the chickens, and Mary almost died of an acute attack of cute when they brought home baby chicks. The kids hit it off wonderfully.

Evenings held the promise of bluegrass jamming some nights, and looking through the telescope other evenings. We had a chance to see Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, and Venus.

The pictures of the evening fun speak for themselves.

Though we could have stayed longer, it was time to go remember what we're called to do right now, and at the moment it isn't hanging out on the farm, it's traveling. We can how travel in a bus with a white lid that screams "WHITE". Yes, we do notice a difference in the heat. At least 5 degrees, but probably more. The big test will be when it gets into the 90s, which it stopped doing the minute it was painted.

I don't like it. The bright white does not go well with the sand color of the rest of the bus. It needs something to break the colors apart. I'm thinking another of the dark red strips at the top to separate the colors. Perhaps when we hit Texoma I'll get to painting. Hopefully I will then be satisfied and quite messing up poor Benny for a bit.

Our current stop is a place outside of Weatherford, TX. We hoped it would be a good place to do some RV park buskin', but I'm fearing a bit of bluegrass pearls before Frank, er, swine. We pulled up and Michael went in to register, where a rather sour lady turned her nose up at our fabulous bus and inquired, "How long with that be here?" Additionally, it's right off an interstate and you cannot hear anything over the noise of the highway. We went outside this evening to "practice", (also known as a shameless attempt to get the park to notice us and perhaps score a playing opportunity), and not one person came to check out the music. This may just be our first official "dud" of an RV park.

Finally, the cat is on my list. She scratched Sean on the white of his eye tonight. Ok, so she was being ornery and he was the one who foolishly stuck his face down where her claws could get him, but I so very much want to blame the cat, so I will. She doesn't care anyway. She's a cat. It is far from the cornea, so we'll just keep an eye on it. We are less than a mile from a walk-in clinic if it shows any signs of infection.

That's all I have the energy for tonight. Sleep calls. Good night, Diary.

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  1. It rather sounds like it might be time to shake the dust from Benny's wheels and move on.

    Poor Sean! Hope it doesn't get infected!