Sunday, April 8, 2012

Faith and Since When Did Easter = Sugar?

You buy a bus, sell a house, leave a job that is killing you, and think you stepped out of society and on to some more authentic way of life, only to find you are just as sucked into the marketing monster as anyone else.

We just passed the morning of our first major holiday traveling full time, and it was a smashing success, if you are a young child trying to put yourself into a sugar-induced coma. I'll take some blame. I admit to growing ears and a fluffy tail last night and sticking some chocolate eggs into some cheap plastic colored egg shells, and throwing a small $1 chocolate bunny into a couple of baskets, but I am not guilty of the rest of the 10% of junk and snacks others have been thrown at them. (Hey, I have to deflect at least a little blame, right?)

This, of course, makes me have the obligatory guilt that is associated with stuffing bad things down my children that are marketed to me through strategic product placement at Wal-Mart, instead of really living a different life, one closer to my true values, and celebrating the Resurrection. I'll get to more of that later. But first, here are the mom and grandparent required pictures of all the Easter indulgence.

We may live in a little bus and have limited space, but we did manage to paint the eggs and throw some great bunny hiding into our celebration. We pulled out our nice propane light and hung it up under our new awning with the extra optional wind and sun walls. Best buy we've made so far, too. The new room is 10x10, and we can block the sun, or nearby neighbors from the next RV, to get a bit of privacy when we wish, or open the walls up and show off some bluegrass picking if we choose later.

Hey, at least the hard boiled eggs weren't sugar. Guilt free on that one. Ok, guilt free when it comes to nutrition at least.

Alex made good use of the "Texas Size Fly Swatter" someone gave Sean last night. Alex has a thing against some of the large, creepy flying things down here in Texas.

The dad bunny went out early and hid some of those eggs all around the camp site.

After that we got dolled up, strapped everything down, and drove Benny to the Country Church, the same one we attended in early March. We were supposed to be in Texoma, but when Grandma and Papa were delayed further on their plans to come and meet us, we decided to head to Bay Landing and the Country Church, so we would be somewhere familiar for the holiday. It was a good choice, because we were invited to play for the Easter dinner and S'Mores, here at the park last night. Unfortunately, I think the playing last night, the s'mores, and the late night egg dying coupled with early egg hunting, wore the kids out. The Country Church would have welcomed some of our music, as they are lacking in their former music worship leaders still, but Alex's voice was weary, Katie had a dry sore throat, and her hand hurt from catching the condenser microphone the wrong way last night when Mary accidentally almost kicked it off the stage. (Note to self: get extra condenser microphone.) So, we joyfully sung the best we could to their planned music, and then sat back to enjoy the sermon and praises on this day. You know... The day that is supposed to be a reminder of the resurrection of Christ, if you are not too tired and too full of sugar to concentrate?


So, all of this has me thinking. I am, as far as homeschoolers go, pretty laid back. I see nothing wrong with egg hunts and I generally find chocolate, when used wisely, to fall into the "health food" category. Sugar? Not so much, but it is often the means by which we get that fabulous chocolate down us. But when it gets in the way of what really matters, not just in the here and now, but eternally, that is when "laid back" starts to become neglectful in my mind.

Even our neglectfulness, thankfully, can be used to really get our attention on a few matters. I was convicted this morning, not just about Easter, but about how we've been doing things for the last month. The sermon this morning focused some on the faith of a mustard seed, and moving mountains. Have I shown that I have such faith? April is nearly bare from little or no playing opportunities, and the few we've had have not been very fruitful. March was the opposite. Lots of them just popped up out of nowhere. What was the difference?

Well, back in January and February we looked across at March and realized we had no idea where we were supposed to go after we left Denver and the Mid-Winter festival. There is a fact about my gig-booking abilities. I do not hold it up as a badge of honor or anything, but I am not kidding when I tell you that I *stink* at booking gigs. I am also the best at this craft in the family, so that shows you a thing or two of what we have to work with around here.

This blog has a tag line above that says, "Proving daily that God's power is made perfect in weakness." That is taken from 2 Corinthians 12:9, and I really believe it to be the case where we are concerned. I do think we have some talent in this family, but all of the talent in the world does you no good if no one knows you exist. Talent alone won't get you where you need to be. You can either be a go-getter, who knows how to chase things down, or you have to know the right people. I don't have either quality here on earth, but I know Someone with both qualities. In our weakness, He is shown to be all the stronger. Without fail, when I throw up my hands and cannot figure out where to find gigs, who to speak too, and look at a very big country, realizing that we already missed booking times for most of the festivals out there, I could stop and panic. I almost did when I looked at an empty schedule in March, but instead we prayed as a family. God provided that great month full of wonderful playing opportunities.

In fact, we were having so much fun bouncing around Texas in March that we forgot to pray for April. The whole thing sort of fell to the side. Guess what? April is dry as a bone. Happens every time. The one thing that keeps us moving is prayer, 'cause I can't seem to wrap my brain around how to do that booking thing right, even if it's explained to me. I mentioned it to Michael and the kids, and we realized our mistake. Course correction - in progress.

Not sure what to do about Easter yet, but I have a year to think on that one, and plan ahead to somehow balance the important things in life with the fun.

So, Happy Resurrection Sunday! HE IS RISEN!


  1. It's always tricky, standing out against the crowd and living the way you believe to be right. I'm sure you'll figure out Easter by next year. You've got Christmas to contend with first though!

    My one remaining resident son is now beyond egg hunting and just asked "Have I got an Easter egg this year mum?". Answer, "Yes." It made him happy :)

    I look forward to hearing how your calendar is filling up with bookings.

  2. I can identify with some of what you wrote. With everything getting turned upside down in our lives this past planning went into today. We slept in, woke up too late to go to services and then just hung out in the rig till time to go to the clubhouse for a delicious dinner - which we won't be doing anymore for the time being, costs money, and we don't have a lot on hand right now, especially after just being fired.

    But I was reminded as my hubby was talking to his brother of the verse I read on Wednesday morning (the day we got fired) that He knows the plans he has for us...just need to keep trusting. And praying, seeking, and praying some more.

    Where in TX are you? We are at Medina Lake TT.

  3. Ali, we're at Bay Landing in Bridgeport until Tuesday. We were at Medina a couple weeks ago.

    Sorry to hear of the job loss. :(

    Perhaps this is a new opportunity to go somewhere else? We have never eaten dinners at the club house, and only ate breakfast at one once. It's not something I've ever felt comfortable spending money on, even if we're feeling particularly broke at any given moment.

    We were more blessed in March than we budgeted, so God provided at least some for our laps in April before it got here, and for that I'm quite thankful. I'm not worried. I think we need some time to polish up new material for summer. That's really hard to accomplish when you're busy.

  4. I meant to say, "even if we're *NOT* feeling particularly broke..." Or am I just always cheap? That's possible. ;)

  5. I am much more filled with faith in adversity than prosperity. In the easy times I tend to forget God. Something I'm working on.

    1. Yeah, we all do. I think that's behind much of the falling away of the faith in the western world. Life is too cushy and we forget from where all blessings actually come.