Sunday, April 22, 2012

A Little Cat Fun

Perhaps we have too much time on our hands, but yesterday Alex noticed something. A couple of her friends have a pug, and their pug has far more "likes" on facebook than our band. We realized we lack in the cute and furry aspect that attracts so many fans. Unfortunately, the only cute and furry we have in our bus is a rather snarly tortoiseshell colored cat with a serious attitude. It's not fair, really. She's very soft and you very much desire to hold and cuddle with her, but she has a personality more prickly than your average porcupine. She can be very sweet when she's hungry, very tired, or lonely from being left alone for some time. However, the other hours of her day consist of giving cross looks, strutting by you as though you exist to simply get out of her way to prove her awesomeness over you, and sleeping on your comfortable blankets.

It's cruel to be cute, soft, cuddly, and off limits due to an overgrown cattitude. 

We had only one choice for fleeting facebook fame in the cute and cuddly area, and that was to create a page that suited her personality, one of a determination towards world domination, so we have.

If you feel so inclined, please indulge us and "Like" Thibodaux the Cat" on Facebook.  Currently, her fiendish little feline mind has finally set the wheels in motion towards conquering the great State of Texas, and tomorrow she will set her sights on Arkansas.

Hey, we have to have some entertainment around here. It would help if we found a reason to keep the cantankerous feline around, too.

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