Friday, April 13, 2012

Me thinks an attitude adjustment is in order.

I've banished myself outside until I get an attitude adjustment. Ok, it's really because it's the only way I can get internet right now.

Most of the things I planned this week have kind of fallen through, and I found myself pouting. One of them being internet. When you take away a major addiction, or require me to get eaten by mosquitoes to feed my addiction, I will get snarly. Sorry. I'm emotionally weak when it comes to such thing as internet and coffee. Oh, and chocolate.

(See important update below)

Anyway, Michael finally ordered a very long-desired internet booster for the bus, so I could take the weak signals from the club house and boost them to get internet in the bus. Unfortunately, he forgot everything shipped here must be sent UPS or FedEx, and he sent it USPS Priority. By the time I noticed his mistake, it was already on its way, where it will be rejected by the park. Harrumph.

Update: We got the internet booster! Michael found that it was in route today and went up to the ranger station. The lady went and checked the mail and handed it to him. She said only can do that if the owner isn't there, because he sends things back immediately. So glad it came in on a Saturday and someone had pity on us! It works very well and I now have 4 bars in the bus!

That's whine #1, which means internet is far too important to me. But, but, but... it's for *business*. No, you may not search my history. I have no idea who is spending so much time on Facebook. It ain't me. I'm innocent. Except when I'm on Facebook for business, right? Yeah.

Whine #2 is that we badly need a new mixer for the sound system. It has a mean gremlin in it that ate the volume buttons so they don't get quieter. Good for outside and large halls, but horrid for smaller locations. We planned to get one in Fort Worth. I had the brilliant plan, (always most brilliant when it's my plan, after all), about getting one before heading to Texoma, renting a car, (which we planned to do every month or so anyway to catch up on things), staying at a park in Arlington for a couple days for shopping, getting a mixer, new mandolin picks, hair cuts, shoes, and using our gift card to Red Lobster.

Weee! Irresponsible shopping binge! Never mind the lack of funds in this month. I'm in charge of the books. A little tweak here, a little nudge there...

Well, turns out it cost more to get a rental on the weekdays and we would save more if we got it on the weekend. So, we headed to Texoma, with the idea that we will get a car that weekend, then drive back towards Fort Worth for the mixer, and hit the closer areas for all the shopping crazy fun. Then that turned into a reality that you get a maximum of 100 miles per day, and we would eat up our weekend of miles if we went all the way back for the mixer. No mixer trip, less need for the other stuff, like hair cuts, which I could get from any WalMart stop off. We dropped the plan for the rental and I'm feeling too much like our cat on a leash. I'm not really fond of that cat, so I don't like sympathizing with her. Would you hate me if I admitted to laughing at her dislike of that leash?

Michael said we can get a mixer in Little Rock, and hopefully we can control the volume by messing with the equalizer until then.

Bad news comes in three, they say, and so do whines, it would seem. Whine #3: Our plans to look for a tow car died this week too, when we finally realized we'd have to spend most of our emergency funds to get one under about 120 thousand miles, and we don't dare stuff emergency money into a car when we live a life fairly precarious as it is. There is faith that we will be cared for, but there is also using resources wisely.

So I banished myself to hang out with the loud frogs, the creepy insects, and evil mosquitoes, where I can get internet.

You know what? It's really lovely out here. The evening is so perfect. Practice tonight was awesome. We have been out on the road nearly 4 months, and we're not just surviving, we're thriving.

This beautiful cardinal tried to join our band yesterday, looking for ways to get in the bus, but he sings too pretty, so I had to deny his request. I have heard more birds these last 4 months than I ever heard living in our suburb in Colorado.

We've seen far more stars. Wow! So many more stars! More scorpions, too, but let's not dwell on the icky bugs.

In other words, I have every reason to rejoice and mild inconveniences only to complain about.

I still want my facebook. You may now commence playing all of your teeny tiny violins to my sorrows.


  1. It is my experience that in times of transition, we seek out certain rituals and habits as signs of "normalcy". If in the midst of tempest and upheaval I can still have my morning hot drink and a moment to sit and smoke my pipe then I feel that all is right with the world.

    I am trying to make that ritual and habit one of morning prayer so that no matter where I am or what situation I find myself in I can always return to the center of normalcy. It is a difficult habit to establish.

  2. Ahhh... morning coffee. Almost thwarted this morning when we woke to the park out of water. There was some in the tank, but drinking water supplies were out. I found 2 gallons of drinking water in the little park store and grabbed them. Enough to use some for a pot of coffee and still have water for the day until we get to town tomorrow.

    Yes. Internet catch-up (which is including band to-do lists, with just a side of blogs and facebook) and morning coffee. Kids at the activity center with their dad, and it's just me and the snarly cat. Definitely makes life much more manageable.