Tuesday, April 24, 2012

No Diamonds in the Rough

We had a wonderful, though exhausting day today at the Crater of Diamonds State Park in Arkansas. Part of me wishes we could spend another day here, since the forest is so beautiful, but in truth, one day of diamond hunting with those-of-low-attention-spans is about all any of us can manage.
It looks like something out of a story book, doesn't it?

Benny looks perfectly at home, with trees more than high enough to provide needed shade from the sun.

Yes, they did sing, "Hi-ho, hi-ho, it's off to work I go," as they walked down the path to the diamond crater.

Diamonds or bust!
Notice how the pick ax is resting behind his ear. I wonder if that is what happened to Dopey's ears? Too much time trying to carry the pick with the ears.

This gal tried to start whining within about 20 minutes about how she was tired and bored, so some creativity was demanded. This place was full of interesting rocks and I convinced her that the wooded areas are may be a nice place to build a fairy house with beautiful stone furniture. I didn't hear another whine until sometime in the afternoon, but now I do have to find a place for all those pretty rocks.

Papa tried so hard to get Grandma a diamond, but they eluded him.

That afternoon we tried wet sifting. They rent screens for both wet and dry, along with rentals of shovels and other tools. Wet sifting is supposed to be the quickest and most reliable way to find a diamond. Not that it helped us, of course. We walked away without a single diamond of any size. We're in good company though. The average per day is about two at the crater. We at least saw many in the visitor's center, so we knew what to look for, and learned a lot about the characteristics of diamonds. It was very educational!

The visitor's center was very wise to pack marshmallows. We don't carry marshmallow forks, so we did it the old fashioned way, with sticks.

Finally, we ended the day with some bluegrass pickin' and sawin' around what was left of they dying fire. When it got too dark, Katie tried to stand by the light to see her fingers while she played, and was attacked by a june bug. I think it's a sign of a fine banjo player when you can scramble from a big flying bug, while not missing a note.

Tomorrow, Little Rock! Hey, at least we'll see some type of rock in this state, huh?

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  1. We used to take kids to the National Stone Centre in Derbyshire and look for fossils etc. They have shallow tanks set up where people can do gem panning, but the gems are deliberately added to the sand for the children to find. It's still good fun though.

    I saw on Facebook that Thibodaux the cat was disgusted at the failure of his diamond hunting servants. LOL