Thursday, May 31, 2012

Ok, I should probably write a blog post.

I don't feel like writing, but part of blogging, or any type of journal or record keeping, means regular maintenance.

We had a really great time at Silver Dollar City. After practicing our fingers off for just 2 weeks on the new songs we decided to add, (note to self: do not learn new music within 2 weeks of any important event - just stop doing that), we played well, and had 4 great days in the park, most of which are in pictures on a camera that I haven't the energy to find and upload right now.

Here is one someone else took though:

Nice action photo.

The reason I am not too interested in blogging much is because I'm tired and not really that fond of our current activity, which is ripping up the floor of the bus. Too many leaks in that bus, too much heat and humidity. It's not pretty, and going ok, but not as easy as we hoped. There was no telling what to expect until we got the cabinets and benches out so we could pull up the flooring, and as feared, there is mold throughout the plywood under the vinyl flooring. Most of the floor must come up. Thankfully there is no plywood under the bunk beds, and the mold did not reach under the couch, but the rest had to be unbolted and removed to pull it all up.

Today we ripped up about 1/3 of the floor, and I think we can get the rest tomorrow. We got a late start because it took quite some time to remove the counters, sink, and refrigerator. Due to a church show last night, (and a great one, I might add!), we couldn't work too late yesterday unloading everything, so we finished today, then started ripping it all up.


That is all.


So the plywood is history, and that is attached to the insulation, so that is history as well. Vinyl flooring is thankfully history (hated that stuff), and so is much of the side floor edges. We're ripping it and tossing it. The thick metal base of the flooring is still in very good shape, because the insulation created a barrier between the mold and the metal, so there is just some rust from screws in the plywood.

Tomorrow we finish ripping it out. Saturday we'll run to Topeka, get some base coating for the metal, paint it, then put the furniture back in. After the furniture is bolted back in, the current plan is to only then replace some insulation sheets, then find a suitable flooring top. We are nixing all organic materials that will mold, and we are outlining the furniture instead of placing it on top of the flooring, so if we get damage again, we can easily just pull up the section instead of removing everything again.

I'm just ever so thankful for the kindness of some old and dear friends during all of this. It's been... dare I say it??? Almost *fun*. The weather is perfect, the area is beautiful, and we are being so well cared for it is truly humbling. They feed us, let us sleep in a room all to ourselves, take over their garage with our stuff, and act like it's all their pleasure! Honestly, where we got such great people in our lives is just beyond me. We didn't do a thing to deserve it.

Meanwhile, we are using gloves, masks, and keeping kids OUT of the bus. Michael has worked his tail off and has put in a good 12+ hour day on this. I think he found his calling. Tearing apart school bus floors. Too bad he hates that calling. Oh, and bleach will be our friend this week. Tell me all you like about the dangers of bleach, but if used correctly, it breaks down and takes mold along with it. Bleach is my friend this week. So will some hardware store in Topeka.

So, that's all. No other pictures because I don't feel like finding my camera. However, I will link to our family travels map, so if you're some really bored stalker you can see where we've been so far on our journey.

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  1. Mold and rust are God's way of showing to us the impermanence of material things in this world. :)

    We have few problems with either here as it's almost always hot and very low humidity. On the other hand, we have lots of scorpions. I think God put them there to remind us to be careful where we put our feet.

  2. Not sure I'd call myself a 'bored stalker' but your map diary is fascinating :)