Tuesday, July 17, 2012

More than a Month in One Post

I have been terribly neglectful of my blog. Usually I love blogging, but when we hit Colorado and the mundane world of business struck hard, the last thing I felt like doing was complaining about the craziness on a blog, when I would rather be writing about adventure. So I wrote a big post of whining, then promptly took it down, figuring the world would have to wait until Colorado was in the rear view mirror and adventure was the next destination!

Over the last month we had to accomplish the following:
  • Buy a vehicle - We gave up trying to get something to tow 4-wheels-down and got another minivan/dolly combination. I think we did good with an old, but very low mileage minivan and a higher quality dolly this time, though as usual, we picked poorly where easy title transfers go and had some squabbles with the DMV and dealer to get paperwork in order before leaving. We finally got the tags the morning we left!
  • Get the twins their licenses - They had their permits for a very long time, but between selling the house, moving in the bus, and then not having a vehicle for the previous 6 months they could not test for their licenses. They also needed practice. We spent HOURS having them drive around, then got them in for their test (after calling everywhere for a time that met our schedule), and they passed!
  • Graduate the twins - While in the area of family we held a big BBQ at a park, had a ceremony, and declared them all grown up!
  • Mary was baptized! Yay! We wanted to let her get baptized with our home church in Longmont, even though we won't be able to attend it much anymore. All the other kids has chosen to be baptized while at this church and we were thankful to have an opportunity to be in town during their baptism service at Union Reservoir. We were also invited to play for the following BBQ!
  • Nine gigs/shows, including Streetmosphere, a Cowboy Church, Gospel Festivals, picnics, etc. Should have been 10 but we were rained out of one.
  • Other little things like changing banks, bus to mechanic, doctor visits, fiddle lessons, hitch on the van, family visits, putting in the new floor on the bus, paying state sales taxes, etc,
But how to blog a month of pictures and events? So much has happened. I suppose I'll try to do some pictures. Pictures are far more fun than reading long lists of activities anyway. If you click on a picture, it should enlarge it for you.

2012 Rocky Mountain GospelGrass Festival 
Fabulous time, as usual.

Mary danced with all the younger boys who would go for it, and Michael and I realized we are in big trouble with that forward young lady! She also debuted her first solo accompanying herself on her Dobro. Sean and Emma from the Prowell Family were two peas in a pod when it comes to their many ways to play a fiddle inappropriately, which is why Sean now has an obnoxious, but very inexpensive, purple violin for goofing off. The minute the good fiddle hits his hands he had better be all business, but he now has one just for fun that can be used to jam around fire pits and other places nice fiddles are never to go.

Here we are playing a Streetmosphere performance in Fort Collins with that obnoxious looking (and sounding) fiddle.

Graduation!   I did actually make them a nice diploma, but they liked this one best, 'cause they're secretly ornery like that. 

Other Colorado Stuff:
Of course, then there was that crazy ride Michael and I took in a Porsche, courtesy of my dear friend Carly, who happens to own a Porsche. Must be the latest homeschool mom craze. 

 Record heat and fires were definitely not a highlight of the last month.
 Due to the fire ban, fireworks were out of the question, so some smart mom went to a dollar store and went hog-wild on the glow sticks. We had an evening glow-stick party for the 4th of July.

 And then... we LEFT! Not that we don't love to see our family and friends in Colorado, but we do love our adventures!

With practicing to do but 3 days of driving, we found ourselves getting some practice in at a great rest stop on the Colorado/Nebraska border. It was beautiful outside!

This was a BLAST! It should have it's own blog post, but hopefully it won't be lost down here. We met Alison Arngrim briefly (Nellie Oleson), chatted with Dean Butler (Almanzo), who called us the Partridge Family... NOOO! He thought we were pretty wild for doing the whole sell-the-house-move-into-a-schoolbus thing. We made a lot of friends and Mary had the best time of her life at the Camp Laura. 

Sadly, we did have to leave early because we had head up to Bagley for an Art in the Park show. It was a long drive, in the rain, but wow it was beautiful! 

The highlight of Bagley was this wonderful lady who couldn't seem to stop dancing to our music! She told me she was 95 years old. Then she informed me that she couldn't seem to find a man, but figured there was time still, since she wasn't 96 yet! She'd dance, then say she needed to go home to take a nap, then we'd start the next song and she'd dance again!

So, now we're at a quiet RV Park outside of Minneapolis, one of the few that didn't charge extra for kids, extra for running the air conditioners, or extra for breathing too much of their oxygen. It's very pretty, though not as nice as Bagley, but at least there is wifi, so I can finally update the blog.

Consider it up to date, finally. With any luck, things will be very boring over the next 2 weeks while we relax a bit and decompress after such a crazy past couple of months. After that we play in Brainerd, MN for a fair, and make our way towards Cincinnati!

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  1. Yeah, I'm still jealous of that porshe thing...but I'll get over it. Brilliant to let the wild man have a wild fiddle to do his wild thing with - that's a good move! Congrats to your grown up young ladies. Sad to say, but my kids now make me listen to "Hourglass" with headphones. "Mo-om, it's good, but we've heard a kabillion times. Here, use these head phones." Sigh.
    Tina @ Life is Good
    Post A-Z Road trip!