Sunday, August 12, 2012

Livin' the Life

Minnesota came and went, and I admit, we were happy when we were able to move on. Not because we didn't enjoy the beautiful state, but simply because there are no Thousand Trails Campgrounds in Minnesota. We were quite excited to get back in locations where we can use our membership.

First, however, we had a detour to take. We wanted to swing by Pepin, WI and see the birthplace of Laura Ingalls Wilder. It was not the most exciting museum, but it was still well worth the little detour. The woods where Laura was born are absolutely beautiful, and it really brings the books to life to see the area. I look forward to heading back to Wisconsin in September!

After our detour we made it to Belvidere, where we were greeted with enthusiasm. I'm not even sure why. We had never been there, but there is something special about certain RV parks. They take one look at your bus, yes, that bus that many parks will not even allow into their parks because it is not a new, elite class RV, and because it holds *children*, and instead of freaking out and saying, "There goes the neighborhood", they immediately start waving, smiling, giving your bus a thumbs up, and then just about beg you to pull out the instruments to play some music!

It felt just like coming home. A home where we've never been before. We played an impromptu show, made arrangements for a formal show in a couple weeks when we head back, then headed off to Clinton, IN, with the same enthusiasm, same promise of a formal show to follow, then on to Wilmington, OH!

Same awesome treatment. I love these parks. We have been so blessed. After a nice show yesterday, we were invited to do a few songs this morning for their church service. I'm sad to leave, but we have another snow next weekend at one more Thousand Trails in Batesville, IN, then we'll hang out for a couple of weeks and take a break before we head back towards Wisconsin, then point Benny's engine east towards Pennsylvania!