Sunday, September 2, 2012

Where do we go?

I can't believe it's been this long since I blogged. I haven't felt much like blogging because of slow internet and we are trying to get bookings for next spring/summer, something we're rather terrible at during the best of times, and even worse when we don't even know where we should go. Praying types who read this, if you wouldn't mind asking along with us, we'd appreciate it. I'm not one who likes to ask for "signs" - as in, "God, if you want us to go to the store today, please make a fly land on the tip of this pencil," but getting a booking for something important in an area would make for a fine sign as to where we should target our energies. There is a lot to consider. We want to get back up through Colorado, but Colorado is expensive and very far away from our other travel ideas. Plus, the kids insist we are in Missouri for Memorial Day to go to Silver Dollar City. Then there is the largest considerations, those dealing with the economy, which leads to diesel prices, food prices in other areas, wear and tear on the bus that will require some maintenance by next year, etc.

When you add the last part together, it starts to change plans when speaking from a practical sense. We don't have to do the practical thing. After all, taking off in a school bus after selling everything is not really practical, but outside of other directions, that's what we do. Our hope had been to head to the Pacific Northwest, up through Montana, Idaho, etc. Sadly, the cost of upgrading our current camping membership in order to get these properties in our system may not be the best economical move at the moment. This means, to economize, we really have to stick with the North East and the South East.

The current plan is to head up to Colorado in April, (we're already booked in Texas through March), through Kansas in late April/early May, over to the Arkansas/Missouri boarder in late May through early June, then bounce over to the Thousand Trail campgrounds in Tennessee, Kentucky, perhaps back over to the Cincinnati area, and then maybe head up to New England by late summer and early fall, before heading back down to Florida, completing the loop through to Texas. The advantage of going to some familiar areas is that we have made a few connections and will hopefully be welcome back, with perhaps a few more. I have to wonder, however, if our show will fly in an area saturated with Southern Gospel, something pretty far out of our experience. It's simply not performed much in Colorado, so it's not "in our ears" to perform authentically, and our sound doesn't match that old mountain bluegrass sound very well either. This means we'll either get weird looks, or people will find us a refreshing change. Going west may provide better results, but if east is where God wants us, then it must be the east is ready for a bit of a western sound. I suppose we'll find out!

We've had a lot of fun recently and I am overdue for a picture blog of some of our last couple of travel weeks, with a fun story or two on the side, so perhaps I'll catch up on that when we get to our next park, in Belvidere, IL!

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