Sunday, October 21, 2012

East Coast Whirlwind

Pictures! Best way to cover a month of crazy activity.

 The parks where we've stayed have been something else. Amazingly beautiful.
 While in Pennsylvania we spent a day in Philadelphia seeing some historic sites, including Independence Hall.
 Of course, the Liberty Bell was on the list of things to see.
 Did you know you could buy Founding Father Bobble Heads?
 We didn't find any special map-reading glasses made by Benjamin Franklin. (See: National Treasure)
 Fast forward a week and we were in DC with friends!
 You can also buy Albert Einstein Bobble Heads at the Air and Space Museum.
 Mary found Dorthy's Ruby Slippers.
 DC is beautiful!
I'm sure there is a clever caption in this pictures somewhere.
 Big and beautiful.
 What a view!
 Contemplating? Probably not.
 Fast forward another week and we're in North Carolina playing at the Balloon Festival
 We had a wonderful time playing, and an even better time enjoying the festival.
Finally, a couple fun pictures from our music set for the Joshua's Hand's Fall Festival.

Respect the Banjo. 

Great times, great friends.

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