Sunday, December 30, 2012

Looking Back, Looking Forward

One year down, and since the end of the Mayan calendar didn't provide an end to the world, we better start planning 2013!

Here's our starter plan, subject to change at a moment's notice.

We start at "A" (which is also "X") in the Rio Grand Valley. We leave there mid-March, then we head through San Antonio for a week, and up to Texoma (B) to play for their Easter weekend. After that we'll drop the bus off with friends (C), and drive the van to Colorado for about 2 weeks in April. (Not on the map.)

 We'll then return to Texas, where we'd like to stay through much of May, depending on playing opportunities, before heading through Arkansas for a bit, and up to Branson for our annual trip to Silver Dollar City on Memorial Day Weekend (D).

Off to visit friends near Holton, KS (E), before we head over to the mid-west, by the second week of June (F-H). We'll bounce around there for June and early July, then head to Pennsylvania by the 18th of July (I), and head up to New York (J-K) the last week of July, and up to Montreal through the month of August. By the last week of August we head over to (L) and head towards (N). We don't have any connections or anything on the schedule for that area, it just seems like a nice route, so we're going to start looking to see what we can find.

During the month of September we'll either skip into Pennsylvania again, or we'll travel our preferred route of O-R, depending on what gets onto the schedule. By October we will want to make a loop from S-U, possibly stopping for a time to see if we can get a CD recorded. By November we'll just find ourselves a nice place to hide in either South Carolina, or Georgia. Not sure about the route yet, but we will need to work up our Christmas shows and some new songs for our winter shows.

December through the 2nd weekend of January will be, Lord willing, Florida shows! (W)We'll head from Jacksonville, through to Tampa, and play RV parks, before heading back to Texas.

Some of this will probably work out, other parts will likely not, but you have to start the plans somewhere, right?

That's a look forward. Before we hit the road on our second year, I wanted to look back at our amazing first year! We passed our first year anniversary on Dec. 29th. It's been an fantastic trip, and we're so very thankful, full of hope for the year to come.

Happy New Year!

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