Saturday, January 12, 2013

Saturday Snapshots - The Grumpy Version

It's after 10pm and we are just now finishing dinner. This is thankfully not a usual habit. Normally the kids prefer to eat between 6 and 7, but life got away from us tonight. I blame the Broncos. They  delayed our preferred practice time, then went into overtime, so we weren't able to get our act together to get dinner and practice finished at a decent hour.

Dinner was started late, in part, because the bus is messy and I asked some unnamed children to please clean the electric skillet and take out the trash so I can find a little corner to throw the chicken on to cook. Then I went back to burning promotional DVDs.

30+ minutes later... no cleaned skillet. I looked at the clock and realized how long it takes to cook the chicken and how late it already was and finally got up and went to start the first of many verbal snappings for the evening. They hopped to it and came in... to sort of clean up while looking to see what silly show Mary was watching. Finally the chicken got in the skillet but it took forever to cook, the Broncos were still in overtime, and by the time they finished we looked at the clock again and realized we had to practice now or risk not being able to use the club house.

We're in the final staging of our new medley we've been working on for the parks down here. It's really not ready for prime time, but tomorrow is our first show and if we don't get out and do it eventually, it'll never happen and it's too cute to just let go. However, the little club house here is next to living quarters of someone who likes to lock it up and a decent hour and probably wouldn't appreciate blasting music to try to sleep to.

The preferred practice time is early afternoon, when brains are still functioning, but again, the Broncos were playing so it was skipped. I put the lid on the chicken, turned it off, and stuffed a hard boiled egg down the kids. Off we went to practice.

Everyone was tired, hungry, and in NO mood to go over some cute piece of entertaining fluff. We have new costume hats that came in today and we were working on how to get them on and off Sean's head, including a mask that must be placed in a way for him to still see his fiddle. Then there are those awful chords that slip the mind when you're tired and hungry.

It went terribly. We got partway through and one song we missed probably half of the chords, so I wanted to go through that song again. Alex's arm was tired, and that started a long discussion on whether or not we should just throw out the new set list for tomorrow and do the same old thing, which isn't so bad because this audience never heard our same old thing. I'd like to say it was a pleasant and calm discussion, but it was mostly grumpy, which takes up more time than pleasant conversations, delaying food and sleep even longer.

After some discussion we agreed to just plug through, then tomorrow I'd sneak some chords for the one song onto the stage where they won't be noticed. I figure, we'll joke about the fact that we'll be running into one another and dropping things, make this part of the entertainment, laugh it off, and the audience may like it anyway, or even perhaps especially because of the mistakes.

We went back to the bus, reheated the chicken, and now we are watching old X-Men cartoons on Netflix.  Mary is going to bed soon and I'm going to watch old Star Trek reruns while I burn more DVDs.

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  1. Grumpy Cat for universal mascot!

    Thanks for posting these vignettes of your family and your music. You have a wonderful writing style that so many can relate to.

    Keep up the great work, great lives, and great blessings for your audiences.

    - Lee Patterson