Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Yucky coffee and Easter is a mess

Today should be a Tuesday Treasures, but I'm lacking delicious coffee, thanks to a horrid diet I am on which only allows me to drink black coffee the next few weeks. Bleh. I can handle just about any diet as long as I get creamer in my coffee. Real creamer. Half&half or whipped. No powder stuff. Sugar optional, cream is not. If asked to drink it black, my addiction will force me, but grump city will follow.
I'll just throw a few things out there and not try to turn them into treasures today.

Did I post this video yet? When was the last time I posted?

 53 seconds of silly. Love my nerdy boy.

We've been shopping for some spring performance tops. I really need to get one, then update some for the guys, but the twins have their tops picked out and Mary has her Easter dress. Cute, huh?

 Speaking of Easter, we have had a show booked since last April to play at the RV park here on their Easter weekend. I mailed posters a couple of weeks ago to the park, then got a really strange phone call from the manager. He couldn't remember when we were scheduled. I told him. He said, "Oh. I'll see what I can do."
Huh? He'll see what he can do? Weren't we contracted for this?
We headed up after about 10 hours of driving through non-stop construction with a bitter wind, and arrived at our Easter weekend destination where we found the following:
A schedule of entertainment for the season listed.
We weren't on it.
Posters of another group set to play this weekend.

We were forgotten. That would explain the weird call.
This would be, of course, the one contract for which I don't believe I have a copy. Figures. I'm usually good at that but when one gets missed, I have a silly habit of trusting the other party has their contract and will pay attention.  

We called the manager to find out what is going on, why our posters are not up, and what we are doing here if we aren't playing. This was yesterday morning and we've not received a call back. I don't believe he's in on Monday and Tuesdays. We'll see what he does when he returns.

Anyone want an out-of-work band this weekend?


In other news, I launched a new website. No party yet, it's still under construction. The point of it is to offer articles on everything related to children's music in a family environment, and eventually some self-published or eBooks for families of children from zero through teens.

Ok, you can preview it. Here.

Today was the second time we've been contacted by groups investigating docudramas documentaries about families living on the road to see if we were a fit.  I'm pretty sure we're not. I think it would be a blast if it wasn't for a few things:
1. We have an image of normal to uphold. A camera in our face 24/7 would show that to be the scam it is.
2. I don't trust media. Ever. 16 hours of footage of you smiling and playing with your kid and they'll publish only the part where you rolled your eyes and told her to stop talking for just 30 seconds, pleeeease!
3. The world is mean.  And a bit crazy. One slip and you'll pay in the blogosphere, social media, and everywhere. Tell your whiny kid to "knock it off" and one group will demonize you for using harsh words to hurt his self-esteem and the next group will demonize you for not giving him the lickin' he deserves.
4. My bus is as cute as a button - from the outside. Ain't no one going to see what it looks like on an average afternoon from the inside. See #1.
5. I am doing a fine job of ruining my kids by myself, thank you. I don't need more attention to help them out.

Other than those 5 things, it would be super fun!

There you go. Consider the blog updated. We'll let you know how the Easter saga turns out.

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