Sunday, April 21, 2013

Back in Texas

Love, love, loved our time in Colorado.

Ok, except the snow. It was dry all winter and decided to dump the lot on our heads. Twice.

Yeah, I'm done with snow. I'm supposed to fly south for the winter now, remember? Next year, Colorado happens in JUNE! I dare it to snow in June. Theoretically it can, and has, but it's rare enough I think I can get away with such a dare.

Yes, yes, yes. It's beautiful. Lovely. Amazing.

It's also cold and makes driving miserable. I loved snow when we lived here and I had a house, fire place, and no place I had to go, but this time we found ourselves often out in the mess, and once after a show on a really bad night with icy roads and terrible visibility. We then had the Erie Cowboy Church cancel, and we were sad, because we love that Cowboy Church. Harrumph.

As you can see by the picture above, not everyone agreed with my snow grumpies. As you can see by the other picture... Wow, Colorado is beautiful, huh? Now those are *mountains*. When we travel to the "mountains" through the Appalachians, I have to admit, I gotta snicker. I also am the first to admit that our "bluegrass" music is not exactly the same as that old mountain music. Our sound is more eclectic, 'cause our mountains are bigger, see? That means we can fit in more variation. Hee!

Despite the snow, we had a wonderful time at our church, where we played the morning service, as well as a special concert that evening. We were so touched by the large number of people that came out to see us!

An unexpected invite to Denver Open Media may result in some fill-in recordings and band interview for their First Friday on May 3rd on Denver Comcast 57. I think they got some good footage and hopefully there is something they can use. Here is one video that was shot.

Towards the end of the week we drove to Salida to visit Michael's dad, then up to Colorado Springs to see friends and play for the Buffalo Grass Acoustic Society. It was our first time there and it's a shame  it will be our last for quite some time, because we really enjoyed ourselves. What a great crowd of people. 
Our final destination was to the storage shed, where we retrieved a needed American Girl doll and remote control truck, then on to bowling with the cousins. When bowling was finished, I took the twins out to meet friends for dinner and had a wonderful dinner with a friend myself.

Good times everywhere.

I am terribly homesick for my bus. I'm not sure why I'm so attached to a piece of metal, but it's our little oasis in a crazy world of travel, I suppose. Lord willing, and with safe travels, we'll be sleeping there tomorrow night!

At least this motel is right next to a Wienerschnitzel with ice cream sundays on sale. Made for one more memory-making adventure before we settle back down to a routine. Routine? That doesn't sound right. Back to crazy bus life, just how we like it!

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