Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Quick Update from Colorado!

Well, we made it from Brownwood, TX all the way to Durango, CO in our minivan, in one day. One long, weary, mindbogglingly dreary day. I think, after high winds, slower night temperatures, bathroom stops, lunch and dinner stops, and gas stops it took us around 17 hours. 

Not interested in doing that again anytime soon. I'm trying to talk Michael into a hotel night in Amarillo on the way back.

The extra squished conditions didn't help, but I am quite impressed with how much we stuffed into that minivan. A titch worried about the vehicle suspension, but why not live dangerously?

I should really get a picture of it. Sound system (speakers, stands, mixer, chords, and microphones) is in the back behind the third row. Middle row bucket seat removed for the instruments (2 fiddles, guitar, mandolin, banjo, and yes, the bass). Three kids across the back, including Mary's monster car seat that fits taller kids. (It's a lap-only seat belt so we got her into a 5 point seat that can hold kids up to 80 lbs. She's around 40 lbs, the skinny peanut. Now everyone else can get a shoulder strap.) After that we put a bumper cargo carrier on the rear to carry food, crock pot, and ice chest to avoid eating junk on the drives and hotel stays. The roof has a rack, which now has a water-proof carrier, full of performance costumes and clothing bags. Lap tops, books, cameras, and other electronics go at the feet. Pillows stuffed where they can.

It works, strangely enough. That is, if we don't kill it from overloading. We'll have good traction over Wolf Creek Pass tomorrow, right?

Anyway, we're in Durango until we leave for northern Denver, early in the morning. It was nice that some snow showed up for just a day so my snow-deprived Colorado-kids-turned-beach-bums can have some fun. It just better be gone by tomorrow.

While here we started mapping out our 2014 route when some initial offers came in. We really, really, really hope to make a west coast tour next summer. We're back in the east for 2013, but it would be nice to hit a new route for 2014. We'll see if the opportunities come in.

I did some more mapping out of my e-business, which I have started on a small scale, but have larger scale plans. If time permits, I'll be writing my first ebook around July, putting up the full web site in August-September, while the ebook goes through formatting, (and/or prepares for self-publishing through LuLu or something, if we choose that route), then have work on promotion of the site through the fall in hopes of having the book ready by January.

That's the tentative plan anyway. Life has a habit of getting in the way at times, but if you don't start, you have no hope of success and it's an automatic fail.

Well, catch you in northern CO!


  1. Cheryl, we might have been in Colorado at the same time! I drove my dog to Colorado Springs during the first week in April (dropped her off with my niece to be fostered while we are on the road - I learned from you to get rid of the dog before we hit the road!). Funny, we might have driven right past each other. :)

    Karen in San Antonio

  2. I read that on your blog. I just wasn't able to comment for some reason. I've been suffering from bad wifi so that was perhaps why.