Thursday, May 30, 2013

Going off the Rails on the Crazy Train!

It's time for a... (drum roll, please)... whine-fest! But with a happy ending, so no worries.

When last I blogged, Sean was battling something... and it turned out to be a really fine case of poison ivy. I took him to the doctor when I couldn't get it under control and she had definitely seen it around the area. It got on his clothes or something and he did a fine twitchy-itchy-12-year-old-boy job of spreading it all over the place. In fact, he's still got a few itch spots that have not cleared completely, but at least his face is better. He completed his full round of the oral steroids she put him on and is simply putting up with the last itch spots on his legs.

This last week was a dandy. When the tornadoes moved through Oklahoma we found ourselves sitting at an RV park in a tornado warning area without a tornado shelter anywhere to be found. The guy at the park suggested we go down the ravine to the river (the one that overflowed and flooded half the park the next day) if there was a tornado. It was a 20 ft drop and he figured it would be the safest place. Michael and my dad checked it out and there wasn't a cleared path, but there did happen to be...
Poison ivy.
No thank you. We piled all important papers, instruments, and lap tops, and headed south out of the danger area, where we stayed at a motel for the night. That was also the worst night of Sean's poison ivy breakout (side note: he got the poison ivy in Texas the week before and we never saw that), and were doubly thankful for a motel bathtub and the oatmeal bath soak I picked up, since baths are a rare thing for us. He ended up with 3 baths through the night so he could stay sane until we got him to the doctor.

After sitting through rain, flooding campgrounds, poison ivy, and running from tornadoes, we headed to Branson for Silver Dollar City and a show at the Treasure Lake RV. You know you're in a sorry state when you have to drag yourself to Silver Dollar City and attempt to have fun.

We decided to go with the sor
ry state and just show up late, leave early, ride or not ride, and eat ice cream for lunch when nothing else sounded good.

Our youngest overstimulating barometer, Mary, was one big roller coaster, going from bouncy-happy to maximum emotional distress in the blink of an eye. (My most social butterfly is also the one who can handle it the least, it turns out.) We knew it was time to settle down for a bit, but the weather was not cooperating, nor was our schedule. Alex had a fever and was sick for our Treasure Lake show, though she still performed well, and the next day, sick or not, tears or not, itching or not, bad weather or not, we drove several hours to Kansas.

Today we're sitting in east central Kansas with another run of nasty weather, but at least there are no tornado warnings this time. So far.

The whole bus has sat like a bunch of zombies today through the gloomy rain. The sun just came out so Mary has been zipping around on her scooter. She isn't feeling great yet (minor stomach something), but she's not on the roller coaster of emotions, since the excessive socializing has passed. Alex is feeling much better and Sean is itching less. Part of the bus got reorganized yesterday so it's not a horrid disaster, and we selected a nearly empty RV park outside of a casino, that is inexpensive, has good wifi, free cable (too bad I hate TV), and a tornado shelter! Since it's not designed for kids, there are no other children for Mary to socialize with and she has stopped the drama. Whew!

In other words, Lord willing, we will get a few days apart from it all to collect ourselves and recover before the next leg of our journey. It's supposed to be beautiful this weekend, with 3 shows at churches scheduled, (one down last night), and time with good friends later, which can be just what the soul needs when life gets tough. It reminds us a bit that we are apart of a larger body of believers who have our back.

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