Monday, May 20, 2013

What day is it, anyway?

The last two weeks are kind of a busy blur. We just left Lake Tawakani, which, as far as Thousand Trails parks are concerned, is rather bleh. Thanks to a few other families pulling in they had a lot of playmates, and a whole lot of fun, but it wasn't without its consequences, mainly with my very young drama queen, who tends to emotionally fall apart in the evenings when overstimulated during the day. That's a bit draining after awhile. I'm thankful excessive socialization isn't a daily thing in her life.

Sean is full of pink calamine lotion while I try desperately to get control of a very nasty case of dermatitis. No clue what it came from, but it's not on the skin that would have been exposed to poison ivy or local plants. It is mainly under clothing, other than his face. I have tried rewashing everything with just vinegar water, rinsing him down, etc. It's still there. I almost took him to the doctor, but I did a lot of obsessive research last night and he simply does not match any criteria for something a doctor can actually help. No other symptoms, and no sign of infection. Just itches and patches that look like classic contact dermatitis. I'm hoping a change in atmosphere, now that we left the region, will fix him. We did have someone loan us some prescription cream. It came from someone whose son is allergic to something in that same area and gets the exact same thing, so I'm living dangerously and trying it. It helps some, but can only be used twice a day. So, we went back to benadryl and painting him calamine pink. If it gets worse, we'll head to a doctor this week to see if there is another prescription that will make it quit.

Backing up a bit... ('Cause this blog is so well known for orderly content.) After the celebrations for Miss Mary's birthday we had the twins' birthday. They're 19. Honestly, I have no idea how that happened. I got it right this time on a present. They got lap desks, complete with a spot to hold their drink, a light, places for pencils, and they can lift their lap tops up on it... or a clip board with paper for cartooning. 

Alex has taken to hiding in the bunk area and closing both doors where she works on her graphic design, but both have put them to good use already. With a serious space issue in this bus, they hopefully will be a blessing.

We had a few great shows while staying in the area, even if we had some itching. Our favorite was the Wood County Cowboy Church I love cowboy churches! This one had real cows. Real cowboys too. Not all Cowboy Churches have "real" cowboys. We've been to a few that appear to have people that mostly just love the cowboy "style". Not that I care much, because that is where we'd fall, but it is fun to notice the difference.

The regional differences always surprise me. At this little church in east Texas, it appears all proper gentlemen are taught to remove or at least tip their hat when addressing a lady. I thought it was just a kindly old gesture from the first guy, then every single guy there did the same thing for me and the twins, each time we were introduced. I admit, it made me feel special. Not many places left where men do that. I wonder if any will rub off on my men? Doubt it. They're too Coloradan, and I'm pretty sure there hasn't been a guy from Colorado tipping a hat to a lady in at least a century. We'd feel weird.

So, here we sit in no-where-Oklahoma, hoping the tornadoes decide to skip this area, then we're off to Branson on Thursday, and Kansas next Tuesday. I do love being out on the road again. Itching and all.


  1. Oh I feel for your little itching guy. Both boys had severe eczema as kids, and a nice assortment of reactions to various stuff. The prescription stuff that helped cost an arm and a leg, but really helped a LOT. I pray you find an answer to this soon. Love the birthday gift idea - simply brilliant. Here's to the tornadoes missing Bennie wherever he may find himself, and that his inhabitants remain safe.
    So grateful for fb and blogging so we can stay in touch!
    Tina @ Life is Good

  2. Yikes! Poor Sean! Hope he's feeling better by now! :o(

    Happy birthday to all your recent birthday girls!

    (And I like the hat-tipping thing, too!)

    Karen @ coach-and-six