Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Slower Life

In the last week I have revised our meal plans, stocked the refrigerator, reorganized the shelves and the kitchen, supervised a good floor cleaning and rug beating, and at the moment there is pulled pork and baked potatoes cooking in the crock pot, ready for a lazy evening. Alex and Katie are putting themselves through a series of drawing exercises, Alex is studying typography, and Katie has been learning to ink her cartoons, after completing the final designs on most of her cartoon characters for the strip she's developing. Sean is coming off the joys of catching an untold number of fish and flying his new helicopter he got for his birthday, Mary is drawing her own cartoons and playing fashion queen with hair styles. What blessings!

Oh, Michael is doing his own thing too, such as catching the biggest catfish I  have ever seen in my life. Yes, if you are wondering, it was delicious! Additionally, he has a computer and occasional things show up on our booking calendar so that's good too, right? So, one would assume that staring at a computer can productive and will go a long way towards keeping us fed, something we do very much appreciate.

I think we almost have our groove back, however temporary, and it feels wonderful. We had a real relaxing visit with our good friends Kevin and Anita, along with their beautiful children and the amazing Kansas property, with a pond full of fish. Some people just know how to refresh your spirit every time you go for a visit. By the time we left we finally felt a bit of calm after the spring storms and stress.

While in Kansas we played at some wonderful churches and met so many great people, plus had a few funny life moments, such as finally, after all of our travels, getting the experience of leaving a child behind. Ok, that shouldn't be funny, but when you notice within 10 feet or so because said child's brother noticed his favorite life sparring partner was not next to him, and your friend, ready to drive off herself, waves you down when she and her cousin-in-law see a certain little girl playing behind the church, only to find out her little girl was actually with yours, whom she didn't know missing either, after her husband drives off with what was apparently not all of their kids... It really wasn't dramatic and the girls both thought it was hilarious. They were playing behind the little church while people were being slow to leave and chatting too long. Sitting the car waiting is just soooo boring. Can you blame them? We take a bit more time to count noses before driving off now.

Sean caught about a dozen fish while we were at their property too. Far more than anyone else, though none as exciting as the giant catfish, which he claims partial credit for, since it was caught with his new fishing pole. I am impressed at his fishing abilities. I didn't think the pathetic bait his little kit came with would catch anything, but it brought in a few bass and several crappies. I am beginning to think that kid could throw a leaf into a pond and pull out a fish.

After leaving we stopped at a nice park in Missouri for just 2 nights, then we headed to Indiana, the first stop in our long journey east. The park is full of families right now, the pool is open, and the weather is about perfect. We'll be here until Tuesday, head to the other end of Indiana the rest of the week, then off to Ohio for a few weeks. The parks where we'll stay are largely ones we've been to before and they're quite nice, with plenty of opportunities for more summertime fun, with perhaps a side of school and practice, something we could all use about now, but thankfully in a more relaxed environment for a change.

And someday I do hope to start my book... Well, one thing at a time, I suppose!

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  1. Oops on the leaving on Mary, yeah! on all the fish, wow on the artistic abilities and another yeah! for getting your groove back!
    Tina @ Life is Good