Saturday, August 24, 2013

Nicholas Cage Was Here in NEW YORK!

My children are nerds who have seen too many movies. When we went to Washington DC last year (and will return late next week), the kids had to watch "Night at the Museum: Battle for the Smithsonian". After both the National Mall and Independence Hall in Philadelphia they rewatched "National Treasure". While there, they kept pointing out the places from the movie. New York City provided the best "Nicholas Cage was here" moments yet. A few other notable movies were mentioned, especially ones that involve web slingers in masks and smashing Hulks, (Mary asked if there really was a Stark Tower...) and then there were the "Don't Blink" comments when an angel statue showed up. Even so, Nicholas Cage spottings seemed to be the favorites.

 Trinity Church. Was there really a treasure below?
 Here at that wall!
 Sorcerer's Apprentice anyone? 
 Yep, here too.
I do have to start to wonder if I'm not ruining them by indulging all of these cool movies. At least National Treasure shows some characters who are passionate about the history. Not so much for the comments our Lady Liberty provided. "Don't Blink!" Oh, and then there was this comment, "Hey, one of these buildings around here Amy and Rory jumped to their deaths... again!"

If you don't know the show they referenced there, I'm not going to tell you.

Ok, enough silliness. Here's the rest of the details of a very busy, very exciting day.

Start spreading the news,
I'm leaving today,
I want to be a part of it...

New York, New York!!!

I noticed something about myself I never realized until we headed east. I'm an architectural fanatic! Not that I've taken the time to learn actual names and details of the architectural designs. I'm too busy just sitting in awe over the lovely structures. 

New York was the best eye candy yet for architectural ogling! We splurged on some tour bus tickets for a downtown tour so we were treated to a ride on top a double decker bus, high over the other cars, with a knowledgeable tour guide who pointed out the buildings, when they were built, and occasionally the era and design. I loved every minute - even if I don't remember a thing about the details. There was just too much. So very much history in that city! 
It's amazing when the things you have seen in pictures comes to life before your eyes! 
I have no idea what the design is, but isn't it pretty?


My kids have a thing for really old cemeteries. 

Old ships were pretty cool too. Mary was sleeping on the tour bus about this point, so I think she missed it, but the rest of us enjoyed a lovely sight!

Sadly, we took the Lincoln Tunnel so we didn't get to drive across this.

If these buildings could talk, I bet they'd have a lot of stories, huh?

Someday I'll take notes when I'm giving details on the different buildings. This was absolutely beautiful!

The twins went "shopping" at Macy's. Or just wishing they could shop. No time, and no Macy budget. 

Poor little orphan, alone in NYC? Nope. Cute girl who just left the Build-A-Bear and was waiting for her sisters to get out of Barnes and Noble.

Window Shopping

Night time in Times Square!

I could add so many more. What a neat day! So blessed to have the opportunity to travel to such stunning places, even if it's only for a day.

You do realize, however, that all of this movie landmark spotting will not be able to halt until they can finally say, "Frodo was here", right? I'm pretty sure that's where it's all heading eventually.

Old Montreal and I'm Behind!

Nearly 2 weeks ago we visited Old Montreal, the historic port area of Montreal. It was our first trip into Canada! Then we got busy and I didn't blog the adventure, so I'll just post some of the amazing pictures. It was a fantastic day in a fantastic city. I'm so thankful that the city decided to preserve so much of the rich 400 year old history in this area. You really were able to step back in time.

What a lovely city!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Saturday Snapshots: Land of my Birth

I'm lovin' this summer. We got out of the heat wave and into some of the most beautiful August weather I have ever enjoyed.♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

We have had some unusual chilly evenings that dipped into the 40s and we often had to head outside in the mornings with sweaters and blankets. During the warm parts of the day we could take off the long sleeves. 

New York is beautiful country. We've been on top of our game, musically, partly because the surroundings have been so nice for overall health and therefore, practice and focus. I imagine we'd make some pretty good advances if we weren't so busy, but busy means we're getting paid, and paid is good too, right? Shows have been fun, with very enthusiastic audiences. Yep. Awesome summer.

I'm back in my home land too, you know. I was born in upstate New York. We waved at the city of my birth on our way up to Plattsburgh. I can't say I remember much. I hear we moved when I was three months old. 

Snapshots of a moment in time I know we'll always treasure. Sitting outside on a cool summer evening, next to a beautiful, slow moving river. Fire going. Sean reads out loud a book we're all enjoying together. Kids nibble on homemade chocolate. Michael and I sipping red wine, toast one another in our plastic cups. 

Plastic cups. Makes me laugh just thinking about it. Those are old plastic kid cups from when we owned a house and lived like normal people. Our budget doesn't allow for frivolous stuff, like real wine glasses, at least not when plastic cups work well. Our bus wouldn't have enough room if we wanted some pretty glasses. It's becomes a game of practicality. I'm on a bit of a health nut phase and wine happens to be healthy for you in small doses, so we enjoy it on cool evenings, which means that gets the budget as long as it comes in a box, but the glasses do not. I'm quite content with the arrangement, thank you!

Tomorrow we play for a church and they seem very excited to have us, which makes us very excited to play. Monday we'll head up to Montreal, Canada, just because we can. We have some Canadian money here at the bus, donations from playing tonight, and everyone wants to go spend it where it is meant to be spent. Perhaps on Tuesday we'll take a ferry over to Vermont and buy maple syrup, crossing Lake Champlain and watching for Champ, the lake monster. Maybe the lake monster will make it into one of Katie's cartoons?

Just for fun, here is Sean in cartoon form. I just love what she's done with her toon scribbles of our family. She's getting very good and I can't wait until she's ready to start making the full cartoon strip! 


It won't last. Life always gets complicated again, but worrying about that takes away from the moment, so we'll just freeze things in time for just a bit, ok?

Thank you God for these moments. They're like tiny glimpses of eternity, and if we let them, they'll remind us of the final prize during the times when the rough patches come.

Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change. James 1:17