Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Obsess 'Til You Fall Over - Creative Bursts

(Edited intro to post: Decided to jump right to the fun stuff, a fun project that will hopefully be a nice promotion for the band - a new music video project. It's not ready for release - hopefully next week, but here are some pictures.)

What are we up to???

It's gonna be awesome! Ok, awesome for a shoe-string do-it-yourself production. Audio is courtesy of friends who pulled out microphones in the upstairs of their church in Virginia, video (and pictures below) from another friend who took a day to hold a couple of ordinary hand-held video cameras and trek around poison-ivy riddled ruins, and I am using my free video processor, Windows Movie Maker to try to put it all together on a computer that doesn't have near the necessary active memory and processor to really handle it without constant snags. Shot in one day on the hottest day that month. If it comes out even half-way decent, I'll be giddy! 

I do love video editing, almost as much as sewing. You put boring parts together to make something that looks really neat. I have worked on it almost non-stop for 3 days, stopping only to eat and sleep. Every clip had to be converted and cropped to something WMM could handle, sometimes with different crops to create the effect of different camera angles. Then I selected the best clips and had to put them together and sync them with the audio, which is really tough when your computer can't handle the process and keeps freezing the video. 

I'd be downright dangerous with the proper equipment! Maybe someday if New York ever pays us and Florida stops ignoring us. Pfthhhh...

During our time on the video shoot we also took pictures. Alex wanted more "serious" pictures to work with on some new promotional materials she's been asked to create. It can be difficult for family bands to overcome the cutesie-kid-and-pony-show syndrome, so she is trying to tweak our image. That's why most are lacking the usual cheesy grins. We'll do cheesy grins another time.

Too much fun! 

We're in good hands. I live for these bursts of creativity and amazing Providential help just when we need it. Friends to help when we need it and opportunities that fall in our lap when we are at the end of our ropes. 

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