Thursday, August 21, 2014

Beach Therapy

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How do you take a vacation when you live in a bus and travel full time? By getting out of the bus and NOT traveling.

We have been greatly blessed this week by a friend I met years ago at a lady's evening at our church in Colorado. When she and her husband moved to Washington they found this fantastic beach house in need of a lot of renovation, so lucky for the beach house, they happened to be into that sort of thing and it has been turned into the most charming home. 
August2014 060
Unfortunately, work requires them to spend most of the week in Seattle, so the poor beach house is left lonely at times and really needed some friends over the next week or so, a job we were happy to take! The busy winter schedule, new CD and heavy travel has made this band of vagabonds quite weary and this is just what the doctor ordered. 
 The picture above is the view from my lap top where I am typing. No school and minimal practicing is on the agenda for the next week. We'll take a break from the vacation Sunday to travel to southern Washington and enjoy the hospitality of Father's House Church in Longview, then return to keep the beach house warm the rest of next week before our travels make it unrealistic to stay here longer. 

August2014 058 Our time in Washington is coming to a close, something that makes us all pretty sad. We've loved it here and have enjoyed the most amazing views and some of the prettiest playing stages and absolutely perfect weather. 
August2014 053

 We still have a few memorable moments in our plans before we say farewell to our summer tour and start the slow move south to prepare for our busy winter season. The next park will be within easy driving distance to Mount St Helens so we'll spend a day there, then after a couple events in Portland, we'll make our way towards the Redwoods for a couple of nights, before we get back to work with school, practice of some new music, and booking our schedule for next summer. 
 We'll worry about work another day. Right now there is a beach 100 yards away and my toes need some sand therapy.   

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