Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Blessing of Rest

*Posted originally on the amberwavesband.com site. Moved here and post dated.

July marked the 3 year anniversary of our move into the bus. The approach to the new year will mark 3 years since we left Colorado and hit the road.

 Though there have been more ups than downs, the challenges of life don't just disappear because you head off on an amazing journey. There are days when kids are sick, siblings squabble, when it rains for days and you have no place to stretch your legs. Cold days when you simply cannot get warm, when there is no money to repair things you need, and at times, days when you have simply had it with all of the tiny little things that add up, and you are dreaming of a way back to an ordinary life.

 It is in such times when Grace is the most needed, and therefore the most cherished. Our plans to head into northern California in late September changed when we did not have any solid music opportunities come up. Later, when we were offered an opportunity in Washington if we stayed a bit longer, we decided to take it and head back to our friends' beach house for another 10 days.

 For the last week we've been enjoying good company, beautiful weather, and relaxation from our weary travels, but it's the little details that sometimes stand out - things others usually take for granted, like cooking dinner in a full kitchen with an oven and more than one small, low heat burner. There is access to a washing machine, a table to lay out the winter contracts I'm currently going through to organize, a full sized refrigerator, reliable wifi, and various rooms in the house where a moment of privacy can be found.

 After our previous retreat here, part of me worried that having so many modern conveniences and going back to so little would create further discontent when we had to leave. For this reason, despite the offer from our hosts, we had planned to head to northern California anyway, instead of return to the beach house. Thankfully, God had other plans when he created a need to stay in Washington, so here we are, back at the beautiful beach house. We decided to make this return opportunity a chance to get some work done in a better environment, so school is in session, promotional packets are being put together, contacts called, and plans for a new newsletter launch.

 It's been wonderful.

 We are truly thankful for the moment of peace where we can dream again of new opportunities, new music, and the exciting moments travel will bring when we are ready to head towards southern California by October!

 There will be an adjustment when we return to our reality, but we'll find our groove again, this time with refreshed souls.

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