Thursday, January 22, 2015

Lessons Under an Overpass

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On Monday we played a dinner show for a lovely RV resort in south Texas. After the show a gentleman, moved very much by our family's music and performance, excitedly came up to speak with me for the sole purpose of offering me encouragement. Usually, the audience comes up to encourage the children, congratulate them on their hard work, and tell them how much they loved the show. Now and then someone comes up to tell me they enjoyed my singing or how they loved hearing the flute, a rare treat in an area that gets stuck on country and bluegrass.

 This conversation was different. The gentleman shared with me his awe of the many directions and individual moments that must have transpired on the way to our night right there at his park, performing a dinner show. He took me back in time to when I was the twins' age and said he could almost see me at their age, working on music, and how amazing it is to then see how life progressed, until the music was passed to my children as well.

What amazed me most of all about this conversation was how it directly reflected the very thoughts I had when I snapped this photo the night before the show.


This is the current view from where I sit outside the bus on a comfortable winter evening. It has been our temporary home since mid-December, right where two major highways intersect. I couldn't help but to sit and stare in wonder at my current surroundings, and contrast the moment to our time at the beach house last summer, surprised that both could inspire wonder and awe.

When I have the opportunity to sit quietly in nature, my thoughts often wander to the amazing wonders of creation. While at the ocean I projected my thoughts to the deep and consider what it would be like if I could walk into the waves, unharmed, to sit in wonder over the strange creatures and the intricate balance within the deepest ecosystems. In such situations, it's easy to see the brilliant hand of God over all of the earth.

 There is very little nature where I've been sitting the last couple of months, outside of the palm trees planted on the sides of the expressway and the loud, pushy grackles on the power lines. Even so, when I sat and watched the cars going overhead, moving from one exit to the next, wondering who are the individual drivers and their destinations, I realized somebody once sat down and thought through exactly where each road should be placed and why. A man or woman, created in the image of God, with intelligence and imagination, at one point had to think through the cities connected by these highways, the landscape around them, the traffic patterns, and the structures that would be needed to keep the vehicles moving safely to their intended destinations.

 Long before that semi turned north or that minivan headed west, a plan was set in place.  Just like our lives.

For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.  Ephesians 2:10

Barring a serious natural disaster, those highways, built from steel and concrete, will stand longer than I will likely live. This doesn't mean there are not going to be accidents, which is why there are guardrails, and when necessary, emergency vehicles to come help in a crisis. But just as someone planned out the exits and overpasses long before the roads were built, I love to think that there is a plan for our destination and see the weaved pattern of the moments in my life, even before my life, that would bring me to sit outside of a bus in the far southern tip of Texas, and stare in wonder at a busy overpass.

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