Monday, April 6, 2015

E is for "Encourage"

During our magical stay stay at the beach house last summer, I got a call from a dear friend who wanted to let me know that Tina had passed away. We were away from the beach house on that particular day, driving 100 miles to a church where we'd play during the morning service, then a full concert that evening. I almost choked up during the concert when we got to Tina's favorite song in the whole wide world, a song Alex wrote, "Hourglass". (The previous year we dedicated that song to her when we returned to Colorado for a show.) Tina used to always tell me she played "Hourglass" so often her family was getting sick of it! Doesn't matter, she had no intention of quitting.

Just a couple of weeks before Tina passed away she changed her favorite song to "Storyteller", another one of Alex's musical creations, and left the most stunning comment on our facebook page. 
"Cheryl, I'm just going to say it here. Storyteller is amazing. I can't get over the talent God has showered on your family. Great, big rivers of blessings of composing, vocals, instrumental abilities. I love the CD! Storyteller is my favorite song. I cried, true story, when I heard the first of Sean's fiddling. That boy is so gifted. That you've managed to capture it and nurture it is a true testimony to how talented YOU are at managing this whole shebang as a mother and musician, cuz girlfriend, you ain't no slouch in that department either.

I can hear how the girls have grown in their abilities, Michael must be a great, steadying influence on this whole thing. Mary's vocals have matured so much in three years. So people out there! Buy Storyteller, tell your friends about it, link them to the Amber Waves Band page..."
I don't thing we had a better cheerleader. 

I knew Tina used to blog with the A to Z challenge and had mentioned it to me before as an opportunity to get more into the habit of blogging and writing regularly. I never did it, thinking I was too busy. However, when I found out they were dedicating this year's A to Z challenge to Tina I suddenly really wanted to join! Of course, I was 5 days too late. 

I dropped a message to the facebook page and asked if I could join late. They graciously encouraged me to go ahead and blog, unofficially, though the sign up time is officially closed. I was told I could post updates on the facebook page if I like. So, in Tina's honor, I will hit as many blog posts on the A to Z challenge as I can starting today.
Today is the perfect day to start too, since the letter is "E", for "Encourage", which fits my memory of Tina perfectly! 


  1. This was lovely. Thank you for sharing about Tina's encouraging heart.

    1. She was pretty awesome. She would also want me to have fun with this challenge, so that is what I plan to do. I even have a couple of "guest bloggers" planned. Each kid wants a letter!

  2. Beautiful post, Cheryl. I never knew Tina in person, I "met" her during the A to Z challenge last year when I started blogging. I found her posts to be so well written and interesting, I followed her blog and was surprised to find out that we both knew you. She was very encouraging to anyone who wanted to write a blog! Definitely a small world. I was sad to hear about her passing, it seems like she was a wonderful person.

    1. I met her at our church in a class we both took together. Didn't have a chance to get to know her well until we found one another on facebook. Funny how social media sometimes brings about friendships that otherwise wouldn't have had a chance to blossom.

      She also taught me never to say anything disparaging about math on facebook. That woman loved her math! LOL!