Tuesday, April 7, 2015

F is for Flea, or Ctenocephalides Felis

Last night in the wee hours of the morning I briefly awoke to the cat sitting on the ledge above my bed, scratching. She probably dropped a few dozen fleas on my head. While I was awake I thought of what I wanted to do for today's letter challenge, which is "F". Then the cat scratched more fleas on my head and I knew the word.


We've been battling cat fleas since we arrived in Florida. Last year when she got them we did the flea bath, (not a pleasant experience for any of us), the stuff you put on the back of her neck, and a few other things, but they were only temporary fixes. We didn't completely get rid of them until we hit Colorado, where cat fleas are a rare thing, thanks to the dry climate. Right now she's sporting a flea collar and has already had the icky stuff put on her neck. We've also put flea powder on her bed, but every time she makes a short lived escape outside, she comes back in with a new pile of fleas to keep her awake at night, scratching fleas above my head.

Things like this make me truly miss Colorado in a whole new way. (I'm willing the cat does too!) Chiggers are rare, fleas are rare, ticks are only a problem in wooded areas, and though they can give you some nasty diseases, they are not usually the tiny little deer ticks that give you lyme. You can find them and get them off pretty quickly. Mosquitoes are nasty, but they aren't the breeds that swell your limbs to the size of a watermelon and itch for 3 weeks straight like the ones we saw in Ohio.

Not that Florida doesn't hold it's own magic, but lack of bugs is certainly not one of them. We soon will head up the coast to Virginia, where we'll find those nasty deer ticks, and the icky stink bug invasion will attack once again, and we'll likely not rid ourselves of the infestation until we hit Colorado in September.


  1. Poor kitty. I hope you are able to get on top of the problem soon. We were pretty lucky in Colorado, weren't we?

    1. There is a pleasant side effect. Our gnarly beast sometimes likes extra scratchings from us so we get more fluffy kitty moments. LOL!