Wednesday, April 8, 2015

G is for Gryffindor!

Last week we spent three wonderfully exhausting days at Universal Studios Orlando. Despite having Minions, whom we all love, as well as super heroes and other attractions, the prize of the parks are the Harry Potter inspired Hogsmeade and Diagon Alley. So, in order to have an excuse to write about our trip to Universal Studios, (though you can find a few initial pictures on a previous post), today's A to Z Challenge is the letter "G" for Gryffindor!

In anticipation of the trip, the kids saved money like crazy since the fall. They knew Uncle Dennis and Grandma Susan planned to help them afford the tickets but weren't sure how much they'd spend themselves, so when Uncle Dennis surprised them with personally taking care of the tickets for a 3 day park-to-park, they were thrilled! This left money free for other things like wands, toys, butterbeer, and t-shirts, except for Sean who dumped all of his money into a game system, but a kid has to have his priorities, I suppose.

The details were stunning, transporting you into a fantasy world. It was like walking into the books, and if you were not familiar with the books, it was still like walking into sort of a Charles Dickens meets medieval, meets a steampunk world of quaint little shops, and an other-worldly charm. The details were stunning. There was music playing throughout the park which added to the overall feel and you soon found yourself being swept away!

Stepping into Diagon Alley
A person could have spent hours staring at the details
in every shop!
Celestial observational objects and steampunk technology, 
The details of each corner and angle
brought wonder.
Mary adopted a pygmy puff and it
accompanied her into Nocturne Alley
Sean looked so much like Harry Potter
(from the book, not Daniel Radcliffe)
with those glasses and the robe that
people kept taking his picture!
Stunning view of Hogwarts!
See? Details upon details! Amazing! And don't even get me
started on the Butterbeer! 
Celestina Warbeck must have had a thing for Michael. She
brought him up on stage to sing to him!
Alex was sorted into Sytherin on Pottermore
so she got the t-shirt, which prompted a lot of
fun comments from Universal Employees, who
would reminder her that this is a muggle friendly place!
Hagrid's hut.

We did take some time to visit Jurassic Park

Had some fun at Toon Lagoon!

One of my favorites was Suess Landing! I have always loved Doctor Suess and his creative world. It was fun to step into it.

We had lunch last Wednesday at Methos, which was the most beautiful restaurant I've ever visited. Food was fabulous too. The oven is the mouth of the dragon!


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    1. There were too many! I opted to just look at your pictures and pick just a few myself. Besides, my camera is not very good and it would take too much work to clean up lighting to post more. I'm lazy that way. ;)

  2. Gryffindor? Hmmm...I would have tagged the Costellos as Ravenclaws myself, but then, I'm no sorting hat ;-)

    1. Pottermore sorted Sean and Mary both into Gryffindor, Katie into Ravenclaw, and Alex into Slytherin. Spot on, if you ask me. (Except the turning evil side effect Slytherin occasionally has from the ambition-at-any-cost. I prefer she stick to the more positive opportunities!) Michael and I have not been sorted, but I suspect that selling a house, leaving paying jobs, and buying a bus to travel around takes some bravery, so I'm comfortable with Gryffindor.