Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Guest Post: M is for Minecraft

As promised, today we have a guest post. Each of the kids decided to take a letter and write or video tape their own post for the A to Z Challenge. 

"M" was available, Sean took it, and you would probably never guess in the whole world what topic he chose that starts with the letter "M". 

So, I let him do a video about Minecraft, then I edited it way down to 6 minutes, if you can last that long. He has tried to explain the game to me many times but all I can see is messy pixelated blocks and I can't see how kids can keep track of where they are in the mess of pixels. This video is for people like his completely lost mother, a general overview of what one can do on Minecraft.

He had a bit of unauthorized "help" from his piercingly loud little sister at times and because he was recording it in the club house at the last park, a couple of his friends caught him playing and crashed the video too. Makes it more fun. 


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