Friday, April 17, 2015

Guest Post: O is for OTP

Sometimes diving into the world of my children, especially my adult children, is a little confusing. Despite having been a Trekkie and fan of all kinds of strange sci/fi when I was their age, I haven't a clue how to relate to the modern day fandoms. So, here Alex helps me out a bit with a guest post to try to explain the strange little world of modern day fan obsessions and the related acronyms.


By Alex

As you have probably figured out by now, our family is full of nerds. I'm not exactly an exception. If you were to take a look at my Pinterest board it would be about a 50/50 split of stupid puns and fandom art and humor.

Doctor Who. Harry Potter. Sherlock. Lord of the Rings. And a whole lot of anime.

I am in a lot of fandoms. I'd list them here, but the list would be long. Because I'm in so many, I have a tendency to talk about them, and I get a lot of strange looks when I use certain terms my parents are unfamiliar with. (Though I have explained them several times!)

For my guest post I thought I'd make a reference sheet and explain, exactly, what these things are, so that next time my mom asks I can just redirect her here.

Fandom: The fandom is a collection of fans who are passionate about any particular thing. It can be anything from a TV show, a movie, a book, a band (called a bandom), or an individual, but it is commonly associated with fictional works. Some fandoms are insane and very weird. (I'm looking at you, Sherlock Fandom.) Members of the fandom write fanfiction, draw fanart, do an awful lot of crying over fictional characters.

We can often times be found on Tumblr, blogging late into the night, drowning in feelings, making fan theories, and crying a lot.

Fandoms = pain.

Canon: Anything that happens in the official story or has been confirmed by the author/creators of the work.

Headcanon: When a fan makes something 'canon' in their head, but the theory has never been confirmed by the creator. For example, you might have a headcanon that Darth Vader hates pickles.

Ship: A ship is described as a relationship with a relationship. This is when a fan supports a relationship between two characters and hope that they will end up again. Ships are the reason for a lot of the crying. Ships take up an awful lot of space in most fandoms.

Examples are:
Amy Pond + Rory
Ships = Pain.

Ship war: This is when two ships interfere with each other, and the 'shippers' start fighting about it. For example, one person ships Ron+Hermione and another person ships Harry + Hermione. They can't both exist, so they fight about it.

My ship > your ship.

Note: ships do not have to be canon in order to be shipped. There are many, many ships that have 'sunk' due to a different ship 'sailing', but they are still going strong. The cannon ship is not even always the most popular ship in a fandom.)

Crack ship: This is a ship between characters that makes very little sense, or have little to no interaction in the canon.

OTP: OTP stands for “One True Pairing”. This is the ultimate ship. All ships pale in comparison to this ship. (Or ships.) You would let the world burn if that's what it took to make this ship canon.

OTP = Distilled pain

NOTP : Ship that you cannot stand. You would rather watch the world burn then let this ship be canon.

BROTP: Non-romantic ship between two characters.

And that is the world of the fandom. There are more terms, for sure, I just can't think of any at the moment. Fandoms are strange places full of strange people, though generally a fun place to be (as long as you don't insult anyone's ship).

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