Thursday, April 9, 2015

H is for Hair

H is for Hair. We all have a love/hate relationship with it. With curly frizzy hair myself, plus three girls in the bus with thin and wavy hair, hair is something we simply must contend with in this bus.

My hair is a lovely dark brown - depending on price I spend on the box the color comes in, or it is a strange, brassy color that fades even before the roots start to show. It's also either frizzy, straight, or curly, depending on the humidity and amount of hair goop.

The younger ladies all have lovely dark brown hair, until dark brown is boring, then anything goes.

Last summer Alex decided she was tired of boring hair. We first tried a deep purple on the front of her hair. It looked pretty cool when it held the deep purple, but it eventually faded to a rose color. That didn't look too bad, but Katie joined in with a dark blue. We first got the wrong shade and it was a neon blueish green weird color. After we did it over again with a dark navy it too looked pretty cool, but then that faded to a greenish color. Meh. Eventually we dyed brown back over it.

Because we could not always guarantee a southern Texas audience would be open to weird hair (over the summer we were in Washington through California, which is all about weird hair), I asked them to wait a bit before the next crazy experiment. See, we do love to play at churches and share gospel music, but there are at least a few groups out there who are pretty sure weird colored hair breaks the 11th commandment. Since I really don't believe it is the job of a Christian to shove their liberty down the throats of others and to cause divisiveness over something as silly as hair, we waited for our trip up to Yankee territory. Part of me is not sure I even have to worry about such things, (like I am terrified of admitting in some settings that we loved Hogwarts at Universal, or that my kid plays video games, girls wear not just pants but sometimes shorts, and all sorts of 11th commandment breakings), but worry I do, so they obliged me throughout our southern journey.

Last week Alex was all done waiting to appease a non-existent rule. She just HAD to do something fun with her hair for Universal Studios! Alex did a lot of looking on Pinterest to get ideas and decided to have her hair layered, then do a peek-a-boo look with indigo. She also put in a single red streak. It looked beautiful! ("Looked" because it has faded a bit, but we'll fix that tonight. She is using natural dyes and they fade if not maintained.)

It is a little hard to see it well because of my camera so I increased the light on the photo a bit so it would stand out more, but this washed her out with the bright red lipstick, but in truth, I think she likes the washed out, bright red lipstick look. (Bunny trail alert.) Actually, this recent color contrast of lipstick reminds me of the bright red lipstick looks from the 1940s, which we've seen lately while watching Agent Carter. Let's face it, ladies, we've always been a bit obnoxious.

Katie chose to do a dip look on her hair and went for a deep red. It was perfect for her, especially peeking out beneath one of the many hats she is usually wearing.

Sean wants to do something with his hair. I said no because I'm still able to control him. I figure, when he becomes an adult and can do it with or without my permission, I then will go along with the goofy ideas so he doesn't move out and take his awesome fiddle playing with him. That's my strategy for dealing with my young adult daughters and so far it's working. Naw, I'm not manipulated. Not me! I am simply making prudent business decisions, right?


  1. those dip things - are they washable?

    1. With the vegetable based dye it does fade out eventually, but in order to get it this bright, she had to lighten her hair. That part won't change, so she'll likely keep it like this until she's ready to either dye over it or trim it off. It's a "dip" style, but we actually just smeared it on and wrapped it in foil. She slept in it overnight with a shower cap on to really let the color penetrate. You can do that with the vegetable dyes only, otherwise it damages hair.