Tuesday, April 21, 2015

R is for Rainy Days

Rain. I have a love/hate relationship with the stuff. I think I used to love it when we lived in a house and we could just sit inside and have a rainy day of watching movies and baking cookies. Pretty sure I did that at least once... I meant to anyway, and those intentions alone are why I think I loved it. However, these days rain means something very different to me. 
For today's A to Z Challenge, R is for Rainy Days. Specifically, rainy days in a bus with kids. 

When you are in a 300 sq ft bus and spend much of your time in campgrounds with unpaved roads, the fun of a time together indoors and out of the rain wears off very quickly. The bus leaks so there are often pots on the floor being tripped over and we once had to replace a laptop keyboard due to an unexpected rain overnight and a laptop left under a leaking spot. If it's also cold and rainy you find yourself catching drips in a pan while also trying to run the space heater without getting the drips too close to the space heater. Carpets are damp, feet are damp and muddy, and everyone is on top of one another. This is how far too much of our previous winter was spent and my love for rain was at an all time low. 

Without the ability to send kids outside or to play in their bedrooms, any idealistic parenting model I once tried to pretend to emulate went out the window upon our first long stretch of rain while in a bus. The movies and video games come out, and outside of a bit of time at the clubhouse for schoolwork, (a boring, no other kids, off season club house), and maybe some reading in the evening, the electronics just sort of stay on. I went from limiting video games to embracing them! Sporadically, of course, when weather demands it. 

It has rained on and off the last few weeks, starting in Florida and following us to Virginia. So, right now their best friend is this little knitted sackboy critter. He's actually my best friend too.

This is the little character from Playstation 3's "Little Big Planet", which they are playing on their new game system that they managed to con their dad and I into letting them blow all of their hard earned money on so they can waste additional brain cells creating and maneuvering their sackboy around all kinds of worlds of imagination.

They claim they're "bonding". BAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Right.

In truth, Sean overheard me mention to their dad how it's not so bad because, if you think about it, Sean is pretty much over the age where he plays with Mary much, but Mary still wants to do stuff with him. This is something they actually like to do together. They are five years apart in age, so she's without a playmate now, except with sackboy and Sean. Sean went with this as an excellent excuse for more game time. "I'm BONDING with my sister!!!" Sure. Gotcha.

I'll take what I can get. It's actually a pretty creative game, they can't get into too much trouble with it, and even their older sisters get into the fun of this one. Any activity that four children of such dramatically different ages can manage to do together gets a pass from me. Sackboy has definitely made rain more manageable. 

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