Saturday, April 4, 2015

Twas the Night Before Easter

This week held so many amazing experiences, but I don't think I have processed it all enough to put up a post about it all, so I am simply turning my thoughts towards Easter, which has long been my favorite holiday, and it has nothing to do with the bunny.

This year, however, it sneaked up on me and will look a bit differently. My past Easter routines have had to change a lot since we hit the road anyway. One change is not watching the 10 Commandments on TV after decorating eggs the Saturday night before Easter. I'm very sad to give that one up, but I don't usually get decent TV reception and there is no place for the rest of the family to hide when I want to watch the corny movie every year. Honestly, who couldn't use a bit Charlton Heston drama, mixed with bad Exodus interpretation? I also used to have a lovely little Easter Egg story set with little trinkets that helped to teach the kids about the cross and Resurrection. Those are buried deep in a shed in Colorado right now.

I was only barely aware that it was Good Friday yesterday, but in truth, I haven't been to a Good Friday sermon in the years since I hit the road. In fact, outside of our last church in Colorado, my experience with them has often been... well, awkward. Too many churches attempt to create an emotional self-flagellation event, usually falling short. The one place that always got it right is in Longmont, CO, and I'm in Florida, so I chose to enjoy my family yesterday on our last day at Universal and not worry a moment more about it, since I'm not into manipulating my own self-flagellation either. Contemplation and understanding of the event, yes. Manipulated feelings, no. I have trouble making a bad feeling when there is so many opportunities for joy right now. The "reason for the season" ranks up there as #1, and it's not because of Charlton Heston. VeggieTales, however, does explain it all quite nicely!

See, I don't really need a majestic stage production to understand the impact of the cross. Just play a little petal angel singing to a pickle and I'll be blubbering. Gets me every time. Every. Time.

Tomorrow I'll do what I've done the last few years and blast my favorite Easter hymn, done by Steve Green.

I have 2 kids with the beginnings of sore throats and everyone else is still weary from our week of too much fun, so my morning plans for the 8am service the park will hold may be in jeopardy, but I'll be blasting that song regardless. Tomorrow isn't about creating the perfect tradition, it's about the Resurrection of my Lord. He is Risen!

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