Saturday, April 25, 2015

V was supposed to be for Virginia...

So, the plan was to have a bunch of amazing pictures for the blog of a great time seeing some lovely sites, but instead what I have here is a cold front, weather in the low to mid-40s, and lots of rain.

We were supposed to go to Historic Jamestowne on Wednesday. It rained.

We then were supposed to go to Jamestown on Thursday. Alex was feeling sick and Sean has had allergies and a possible ear infection because it has been raining pollen.

Seriously. It doesn't do this in Colorado on anything close to this level. Last couple of Aprils we were in Texas, and it also doesn't pollen like this in Texas. The pollen around here is kind of stunning.

We had shows yesterday and today, so no Historic Jamestowne, rain all day tomorrow too. No amazing sights and sounds of Virginia to post. Just a rainy, cold, wet Virginia. We really should have stayed in North Carolina for a couple weeks as we originally planned. It may have rained, but it would be warmer. Pfthhh.

Did I mention that rain in this bus is sort of not very fun?

Thankfully, this is not our first trip through Virginia so we know it is really a lovely state with wonderful things to see and do. We'll try Monday. Perhaps, if we're successful, we can title W for Williamsburg?

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