Monday, April 27, 2015

W is for Williamsburg (and Jamestowne too!)

Despite the cold, illnesses, and allergies, life lightened up enough today to get down to Jamestowne! Though we drove through Historic Williamsburg the other day (just drove by on our way to a show) we didn't explore that yet, but since today is "W", we'll call it close enough and say W is for Williamsburg, updating on that specific location later in the week if we get down there for a closer look.

The historical set-up of Jamestowne was amazing! They had so many hands on opportunities that gave you a real sense of what life was like back then, from the perspective of the natives as well as the colonists.

However, I will say, that one family member looked tremendously out of place in this time period. It would be centuries before the birth of the beloved android phone and wifi. I can't be certain, but I'm pretty sure that's what she kept thinking.

The ships didn't seem too small until they start telling you about the number of people and the amount of supplies on board. Yikes.

I went away with a much better appreciation of my kitchen and even the
bus when it rains.

Always looking through the wrong direction. I think he's related to Wild E. Coyote. 

I know the twins love boats, but I think the details surrounding these voyages probably are not what they have in mind. However, put in a few modern conveniences and a few minions to boss around, and I'm pretty sure they'd have a grand time.

This guy was so much fun! He kept calling Sean a minion and telling him to go in front when we go downstairs, and to go last when we go upstairs, so if we fall, we can land on him.

He told Katie to post this picture and make sure we tell everyone that he said she's the prettiest flower in the garden.

Another great guide! This guy sat and told Sean all kinds of dirty details of the real situations a young sailor of his age would have to deal with, including detailing entertainment, discussing the music, games, and taking a bit of extra time to show them the chamber pot. 

Sean managed to pull him out of character and reveal the fact that he has a PS4. I think that impress Sean more than his historical information, but historically stuff still managed to get into the noggin, I believe.

The town was so charming! Never mind all that disease and starving stuff we learned about. We'll just live the fairy tale, looking at the cute buildings.

Um... I think Michael is just a wee bit too big for that. 

Fits Mary a lot better. 

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