Thursday, April 30, 2015

Z is for Zeal!

Today is the final day of the Blogging from A to Z Challenge. I don't know if I will join next year, but it certainly did give me a good kick to get writing more.

Alex and Katie  have pushed to get me to write a novel during the NaNoWriMo challenge in the fall, and though I don't really care to write fiction, but I may write on a non-fiction subject, or a memoir of our journeys, something. Anything I find for which I am zealous! I'll decide in November.

But for the end of  the challenge, Z is for Zeal!

I obviously have several things for which I am zealous and covered a few in this challenge. They include folklore/music history, arranging new music, and definitely children's music and instruction. I find it interesting that performing doesn't seem to be something I'm nutty over enough to write about, though I certainly love performing, but I think it follows as a result of the others. I think this gives me some clues as to what I may gravitate towards as we wind down our travels next year.

There is at least some zeal for fun with essential oils, sewing, crafts, etc. but it is perhaps secondary. The secondary ones are usually in the "mental health therapy" boat, being there to give my brain a break.

NOT that the band is ending - I don't want to give that impression, but for us to stop full time travel next year the band will need to move more local, wherever local may be. Bands usually have to travel to where the action is if they wish to bring home the bacon, so this means supplemental income may be helpful. I'd really like to supplement it with something I love.

Economically supporting zeal is the best kind.

Side note: For the MLM zealots, one thing I likely will not be doing is selling for a Multilevel Marketing company, so please don't ask. (I write this because of the sudden high jump in friends I have who now sell with MLM and invite me to one e-party after the next.) I'm not against it at all and even sold Usborne Books briefly ages ago. I liked the books and wanted some, but I was my usual broke self. Personally, I think liking the product is really the only reason to sell anything from an MLM company. Economically, it really doesn't add up.

Speaking of zeal...

Did you see the super cute necklaces I'm working on??? The little ice cream cone has a hole in the back where you can drip some essential oil. Hidden in the cone there is a different type of clay that is more fragile, but absorbs and holds the oils wonderfully. I want to make some for kids. I have a few interesting adult necklace ideas too, when I have time to play with clay.

You want one, right???

Sorry, they're not for sale yet. They're in experimental mode right now, but soon I will have your money, er, make these wonderful trinkets available.

I will admit, zealousness can be wonderful but it is also sometimes a dangerous thing. Not everyone is going to be zealous over the same things, and sometimes those things clash. I have friends on facebook who go at it now and then in a rather subtle fashion. One will post a string of articles that demonize GMOs in our food. Another will then post articles about how many lives GMOs have saved and the bad science behind the anti-GMO crowd. Food seems to be a big one lately, but I suspect politics will start to heat things up over the next year. I sometimes just get a mental bag of popcorn and watch the fireworks. I don't participate much anymore.

I haven't the energy.

I have clay necklaces to make, opinions to formulate over children's music programs, and a few new gospel arrangements going through my head that I need to get into the kids' heads so we can play them. Since Sean, Alex, and Katie all just got a new book on jazz improve for their instruments, I eventually need to figure out how to smush jazz licks into a few songs.

And I get to help Mary learn her new U-Bass. Isn't it cuuuutttee!

There is a lot of zeal in my head. You cheer mine and I'll cheer yours, deal?

That's it for my A to Z Challenge. We now return to your regularly scheduled blogging program.

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