Monday, August 10, 2015

Between the Moon and New York City

I had a summer fun failure. I never got around to connecting my phone to my computer and downloading pictures. After you neglect it for a bit, you realize that the amount of time it will take to have your computer scan and find all of the many pictures will take up more time than you feel like spending at any given moment so you put it off again. More pictures and more time passes and it just gets worse.

By the time I finally tended to all of the picture downloads I was behind a couple of months. Exciting months, too.

So, do I post the whole summer in one post, or in multiple little ones? I thought I'd do one big post so people could just scroll through, then I started posting and realized it was asking a bit much of my attention span. I'll hit the highlights of the Big Apple first, then get to Gettysburg, Atlantic City, and Montreal in a later post.

New York City

We had the privilege of visiting some long time friends from Colorado, who are now living in New Jersey. They spoiled us rotten for a few days and included a wonderful day trip into the city.

Two years ago when we went to NYC we took a tour bus, but you can't really get a feel for life in the city without riding the subway. So this time we did! I think my ladies look like they belong here.

The new One World Trade Center is absolutely stunning!

A volunteer at the memorial gave us a full description of the survivor tree.

I love the different layers you see through out the city.

I love to see unique buskers! I always try to have a few dollars available to give out and the more I'm blessed by the presentation, the more I give. It's a weakness.  The jazz band in the subway was amazing! I caught it on video but my wifi is too limited to upload. Trust me, they rocked the subway!

 Stopped off in Central Park where Katie did what Katie does best - a cartoon sketch of whatever catches her eye.

As the sun set we walked from Central Park, by Radio City and the Rockefeller Plaza, over to Times Square so we could enjoy the lights at night.